Guaranteed Publicity for Executives & Thought Leaders by Stitch Publicity

January 16 20:03 2020

New York, New York – Jan 16, 2020 – Stitch Publicity  announces its Thought Leader and Executive, VIP Publicity Package. With all the chatter by public relations firms about their updated public relations tools now applied to thought leadership and executive promotion, Stitch Publicity is smashing through the noise with a pure publicity program that rivals anything attempted by its nearest competitors. “Our VIP publicity package was created specifically to serve the needs of companies who have industry thought leaders and experts they want to promote to enhance executive pedigree and add substance to company branding that will catapult their company position beyond even their most aggressively promoted rivals,” explains Eric Gillette, Regional Director for Stitch Publicity.

Stitch launches this new initiative with its most powerful yet affordable Guaranteed Publicity package for thought leaders and executives to date, which includes:

• 4 to 8+ Guaranteed Media Engagements Each Month!

• Continuous Media & Influencer Outreach & Promotion!

• Access to Our Full-Service Production Studio w/ Free Video Editing!

• Up to 4+ Publicity Campaigns That Run Simultaneously (We Promote Your Brand, Product, Service, and Key Executives)!

• We Write and Distribute Your Press Releases to Targeted Media Outlets!

• Each Media Engagement You Accept Will Receive Its Own Viral Social Media Campaign!

And much more!

Most companies are barred from utilizing the power of an established public relations firm due to the high monthly retainer without the promise of delivery. This day in age, with markets as competitive as they are, Stitch Publicity is forcing a new narrative of Guaranteed Publicity. Stitch’s entire business model revolves around maximizing delivery with guaranteed media engagement each and every month. Package pricing runs from as low as $2000 to $9000. Each package offers a fully customized program that intentionally exceeds the goals of each client each and every month.

About Stitch Publicity

Stitch Publicity is a boutique public relations firm that is hyper-focused on the Guaranteed Publicity niche within the industry of PR. Stitch offers a continuous cycle of media outreach and can run up to four simultaneous campaigns per client that focus on products, services, corporate brand, and executive Thought Leadership. With more than a decade serving public relations firms as a facilitator for media engagement for polarized niches business genres, Stitch Publicity as the contact base and strategic approach to winning continuous media engagement for the most challenging industry niches.

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