Destin dumpling joint launches GoFundMe campaign for new COVID-19 friendly outlet

July 30 18:33 2020

MY PHO KING Dumplings is requesting community support to help them rebuild their restaurant in a new place with COVID-19 safety measures.

Rising Destin dumpling eatery MY PHO KING Dumplings has recently launched a campaign at GoFundMe to inspire community support for their new COVID-19 friendly restaurant. The upcoming eating outlet will be equipped with all proper health and sanitization measures to ensure a safe gourmet experience for the customers.

The campaign is geared to raise around $125,000.

The current COVID-19 lockdown rules have taken a serious toll on the State economy, and one of the industries that has suffered the most here is the gourmet industry. It has been months since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Florida, and since then, My Pho King Dumplings has been experiencing forced closures to partial re-openings to eventual re-closure. The dumpling joint has struggled through all lately. But despite all handicaps, the dumpling joint is looking forward to creating a better future with a new space and community support.

“Ever since the lockdown started in Florida, we had been going through a sea of challenges to keep our dumpling joint afloat. On the one hand, we were losing out on business due to lockdown and social distancing norms- and on another, we had to deal with a very uncompromising landlord and space requirement changes. We had a partial opening a while back yet had to go for re-closure again in compliance with State regulations”, stated Nicole Handwerker, co-founder of My Pho King Dumplings.

These are tough times we are in right now, but we are determined to keep the joint up and running in a new COVID-19 friendly place in the near future. However, that’s not possible without community support and thus this GoFundMe campaign. We do need your help in relocating our newly established restaurant in a COVID-19 welcoming space where you will be able to enjoy a completely safe dumpling gourmet experience.”

Speaking on, Handwerker stressed their new restaurant will be designed and arranged in strict compliance to State social distancing and COVID-19 prevention regulations. There will be ample outdoor seating options as many people are apprehensive about sitting inside confined air-conditioned spaces these days. The dumpling restaurant will have arrangements for a food truck and mobile gourmet options as well.

We are two young entrepreneurs who have given in our everything to create the most unparalleled street-food experience in Destin. In that light, we solemnly promise our new space will be set up with extreme caution and care to keep both the guests and employees safe. We will take all proper precautions and sanitization measures to ensure safe, hygienic ambiance and the most amazing dumpling experience that you won’t get anywhere. We believe we are in this together-please support us to revive the best dumpling restaurant in the city and rebuild consumer confidence in this fragile economic State.”

A bunch of cool gifts are waiting for the backers. These include a mention on the restaurant wall, social media, MPKD t-shirt, an honorary item named after the sponsor, and so on.

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit

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