Precautions for installation of zinc steel road fence

July 30 20:48 2020
Precautions for installation of zinc steel road fence

Zinc steel road fence

Security issues are always a topic of concern to everyone. Although accidents are sometimes inevitable, it is necessary to prevent them before they happen. Therefore, it is recommended that you install zinc steel fences during new house decoration or road construction. In fact, the installation of zinc steel road fences has achieved most of the reduction in the incidence of traffic accidents and the safety of residents’ travel!

Road fences are also called highway fences. There are many types of them. According to their rigidity, they can be divided into three categories: flexible fences, semi-rigid fences and rigid fences. Flexible zinc steel road fences generally refer to a kind with greater buffering capacity. Resilient fence structure. This is a structure that is fixed on the pillar with several cables with initial tension applied. It mainly relies on the tensile stress of the cables to resist the collision of the vehicle and absorb energy.

The cable works within the elastic range and basically does not need to be replaced. This kind of fence is beautiful in form, there is no sense of oppression when the vehicle is driving, but the line of sight induction effect is poor. The semi-rigid zinc steel road fence generally refers to a continuous beam-column fence structure. This is a beam structure fixed with pillars, relying on the bending deformation and tension of the fence to resist the collision of the vehicle.

According to different structures, beam fences can be divided into W-shaped wave beam fences, tube beam fences, box girder fences, etc. They all have a certain degree of rigidity and toughness, absorb collision energy through the deformation of the beam, easy to replace damaged parts, have a certain line of sight inducing effect, and have a beautiful appearance. The rigid zinc steel road fence generally refers to a basically non-deformable fence structure.

This is a cement concrete wall structure with a certain cross-sectional shape, which relies on car climbing, deformation and friction to absorb collision energy. Rigid fences are not deformed during a collision, and are almost undamaged. The maintenance cost is very low, but it has a sense of pressure on the vehicle, and it is easy to accumulate snow when used in cold areas.

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