Altibbi Becomes the Leading Platform for Online Medical Consultations in the Arab World

November 18 23:00 2020

With the rise of the COVID-19 epidemic, many people have become increasingly careful about their health condition. While in the past people showed negligence in this regard, now more than ever, it is time to be cautious in regards to one’s health. For this purpose, many clinics have begun offering users with online medical consultations that can ease their stress and ensure that they get the best advice.

Altibbi is such website that focuses on providing their patients the best possible medical advice. With the leading doctors in the Arab world under their helm, the website has become one of the premier options for people who wish to remain safe and sound. Altibbi is known for their strong focus on privacy and patient satisfaction. These are the two many qualities that define their work and they always strive to uphold these values.

Their online website provides patients with a number of useful links, information and details. Users can even schedule a free consultation directly from their website. In addition to this, the website provides users with a myriad of medical news and articles. These provide basic details on the special foods and items that one should consider eating, as well as information regarding new vaccines and potential side-effects to certain medications. Thus, anyone wanting to remain informed in regards to the medical world should consider giving their blog a look.

As the world is slowly managing to turn the tide against COVID-19, online clinics like Altibbi have come to the aid of people in deciphering the main symptoms and issues that one may be facing. Their top-notch medical advice and premier assistance is something that many people can appreciate in times like these. Altibbi hopes to continue providing their excellent services to their patients and hopes to assist many more in the future through their hard work and dedication.

About Altibbi:

Altibbi is the first platform in the Arab world to provide a remote medical consultation service and allow patients to communicate with accredited doctors directly by phone call or text chat. Altibbi have more than a million pages of Arabic medical content on the Internet and provides reliable medical information to those who need it, in addition to providing medical consultations via the Internet to Arabs around the world. The website has grown to become the largest Arab medical platform that deals with providing reliable medical content.

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