Gilmedia Offering Advice On Creating Video Content For Marketing

January 13 20:09 2021
Gilmedia Offering Advice On Creating Video Content For Marketing

Sometimes having a great website isn’t enough to generate the traffic needed. In such instances, it may be worth branching out to different platforms in order to reach a wider range of people. Before diving head first into every available platform there is, consider the brand. If the business consists of providing a type of service to one’s customers, then what type of content would be most appropriate to release in order to attain additional traffic? Where can one reach the right audience? And what elements are important to incorporate into one’s video so that it stands out from the rest? Top marketing and SEO agency in Toronto, Gilmedia, addresses exactly that – and so much more.

Type of Content

For the sake of the example, let’s say the business consists of manufacturing and installing ceiling tiles. With that being the nature of the business, one’s primary goal would then be to create informational video content about one’s product that results in positive engagement. The informational aspect could consist of anything from how to install ceiling tiles to featuring the company’s best-selling products of the month, or even year.

The company can even create video content that explains what type of ceiling tile is ideal to install in each room or which ceiling tile works best for particular aesthetic purposes. By providing examples of previous projects, installations carried out by one’s company, one could generate interest (only if the work speaks to the audience) which could then lead to engagement. Whether that’s in the form of a comment, a share, or even a visit to one’s website.

Video Platforms

Next, consider where one should share the video content. Look through popular social media platforms and gauge what platform will give the company the most benefits. Available platforms include Youtube, Facebook, IGTV, TikTok, among others to sift through. Realistically, one could advertise on any given platform, but even then – to do that, an angle would need to be chosen.

For example, on Instagram, users would be more inclined to see before and after transformation on one’s page. IGTV (one’s videos on the platform) would merely be an extension of the company’s Instagram content. Youtube offers more ‘wiggle room’ in comparison; these videos can be anything related to your business. A surefire way to keep organized here is by creating playlists; Best-Selling Ceiling Tiles of 2020, Past Projects, Ceiling Tile Maintenance – and the list, and possibilities, goes on.

Additional Factors

Now that we have gone through the type of content one needs to create, as well as where one can publish the content, let’s take a look at the elements surrounding the content itself. The first and most important thing to consider is quality. If one is speaking to the camera, ensure the background isn’t busy. The less distracting it is, the better the target audience will listen to what one has to say. Another thing to keep in mind is the lighting and audio quality of the video. Compromising on either will not bode well, especially since with the rise and constant growth of technology – the competition has become rather stiff.

So if one wants to generate more traffic, taking the video platform route is a great option. It helps one’s existing clients form a rapport of sorts with the company, which in turn allows the spread valuable information about the business and its products. It also allows one to showcase the company’s previous work.

Considering video content creation, or need some assistance marketing videos to the appropriate platforms? Get in touch with the marketing specialists at Gilmedia. The team has worked with a number of clients, helping them generate more traffic as well as helping them get valuable leads. They can be reached at (647) 478-5858 for any SEO Toronto projects.

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