Top SEO Agency Addressing The Importance of Website Colour Schemes

January 13 20:15 2021
Top SEO Agency Addressing The Importance of Website Colour Schemes

When one looks at a website, it can be easy to believe that one’s eyes absorb layout and content first. While those aspects may be noticed, they aren’t the first thing seen. Of course a successful website design consists of many key elements working together to create a seamless user-experience. Everything from the domain name and site architecture to the text size and call to actions. What people often fail to realize is that the colour scheme of a website is where the majority of our decision making is based. 

It is said that people make judgements based on within 90 seconds of exposure, and 90% of that judgement is based on the colour. This is crucial to note because choosing the right colours for one’s website will directly impact how the target audience perceives the website, as well as one’s brand.

Gilmedia, as the top marketing and SEO agency in Toronto, recommends the following three ways one can decide on the colours of their website:

The Logo

First, look towards the business logo. Is it a particular colour or a combination of two colours? If so, those are the business’ primary colours. Then, all that needs to be done is finding its complementing palette. Every colour has a counterpart that makes it ‘pop’ or stand out. For example, if the company’s logo is a particular shade of green, its counterpart is a shade of red. This information can be found on a colour wheel, which comprises primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours. This can help one create a compelling palette of complimentary colours – all of which will help the website appear harmonious and cohesive.

Colour Personality

Another way to choose the colours is by exploring what one wants the target audience to feel when they visit the website. Each colour has a personality; green translates to tranquility, health, nature and even wealth, while red incites energy, passion, vibrancy, excitement. If the company does not have a logo, or the logo is black and white – one can easily pick a colour that best describes the brand and work one’s way into creating a palette, or colour scheme, with that.

Variations of the Same

If using multiple colours on the website isn’t ideal, one can take that primary colour and use muted tones or varying saturations of that colour. Since every colour has a plethora of shades, it can be easy to incorporate – using logic of course. This means if the company banner is a moss green colour, the text, the buttons and the other elements within the website can have varying shades of green that compliment the primary colour.

Obviously there are more ways to incorporate colours into one’s website, however it is worth noting that a study conducted by the University of Toronto found that people prefer a combination of simple colours compared to complex ones. So, as long as the company colours speak to one’s brand, as cohesive and complement one another – there is nothing stopping one from creating a phenomenal user experience.

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