Three-times Best Seller Julio Zelaya, Launches Bright Domino, A Corporate University For Latin America Together With Entrepreneurs Sergio Paiz & Juan Jose De Dios

January 19 07:42 2021

2021 is the perfect year to reschedule personal and business proposals with a high level of resilience that enables everyone to achieve the greatest success. 

The challenge of the millennium is to continue learning from those who are leading global change. Experts who have decided to add their efforts to create a strategic and innovative project are betting on that.

Bright Domino is a corporate university made up of a global team of experts who want to inspire individuals and organizations to realize their full potential. Its vision is to provoke a chain reaction that turns strategies into practical actions and tools to improve results in order to awaken personal and organizational power.

The creators of Bright Domino are professionals committed to excellence and the development of human potential. They are successful entrepreneurs and businessmen:

JULIO ZELAYA: Director of the School of Purpose. Dreamer, eternal optimist, passionate entrepreneur, international couch and possesses two best sellers.

SERGIO PAIZ: Director of the School of Management. Introspective, focused, down-to-earth. delighted to transform lives.

JUAN JOSE DE DIOS: Director of the School of Culture. Happy to learn, teach and spread good humor, focused on people and practical solutions.


• MENTOR SESSIONS: Live sessions with conferences, certifications and masters offered by international experts, are held every Wednesday. The schedule for Central America and Mexico is at 18:00; Dominican Republic, 20:00: Colombia and Miami, USA 19:00. To this date there have been 31 live sessions.

• MENTOR CLASS: Conferences and masters, in order to start a learning chain reaction. Sixty mentors are part of the success of the teaching methodology.

• CHAIN REACTION: Through workshops, academies, corporate universities and custom-designed webinars, a domino effect of excellence begins.

This is how the various options offered by BRIGHT DOMINO provide excellent cumulative results.

“We open new frontiers, we seek to give an innovative turn to the way of seeing the world, learning, collaborating and doing business. We consider that what is established is an opportunity to awaken in us the energy that amplifies our potential to take advantage of it and share it”, says Julio Zelaya, Director of the School of Purpose at Bright Domino Corporate University.

On Wednesday 20, at 4:00 p.m. CST the inaugural lesson will be held with the theme:


The directors of Bright Domino:

Julio Zelaya, Sergio Paiz & Juan Jose de Dios, will welcome

Horst Schulze, founder of The Ritz Carlton.

Interested parties may register at:

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