Vali & Co., meet the company that sells razors with just one razor blade

July 17 00:27 2021

Three, four, five, and even six razor blades in a razor. Pivot, up and down, and sideways. Lubricating small strips in the majority. Razors with batteries that heat up and vibrate the razor. “Do you really need so many razor blades and novelties for a close shave?” That question was asked by the founders of Vali & Co., the company that sells classic safety razors that only use one razor blade.

Vali & Co. is a Swedish company that was started by two brothers who found that modern multi-blade razors did not work for them. The solution to skin irritation, razor bumps, bad shaves, the environment, and everything in between became a classic razor that only uses only one razor blade.

The first seeds of Vali & Co. began to be planted after the founders years of dissatisfaction from ordinary multi-blade razors efforts on rough beard growth and sensitive skin.

“We who started this company belong to the target group ourselves and understand many people’s frustrations and experiences of the latest unnecessary innovations and the high prices in this market,” says Majd Azar, CEO, Váli Co.

Currently, Vali & Co. mainly distributes and sells its products on various online channels. But the founders say they are also expanding into new retail channels.

“We look forward to creating many new contacts and to spread the benefits of our products, not only for your shave but also for the environment,” says Majd Azar, CEO, Vali & Co.

However, the founders say that a US expansion is currently far-fetched, but would more likely be expanding into different European markets in the imminent future.

“Currently, we are planning a wider retail distribution for our products in Sweden and after that, we will be looking into expanding to other Scandinavian markets, and the third step would be to research “uncharted territory” that other businesses have overlooked,” says Majd Azar, CEO, Vali & Co.

The product line currently consists of safety razors for both men and women, a shaving brush, aftershave balm, shaving cream, and a shaving stand. 

Swedish Vali & Co. AB manufactures and develops shaving products with natural ingredients that meet the needs of men and women with rough, curly hair growth or sensitive skin. The company is driven by the values ​​of simplicity, value for money, and respect, and the realization that everyone is different. Everyone should be able to easily, environmentally friendly, and at a fair price improve their health and skin.

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