Love the Pool, Hate the Chlorine? Alkaline for Life Suggests This DIY Chlorine Neutralizing Spray

July 20 23:30 2021
Simple way to neutralize chlorine from skin, hair, water and swimsuit.

‘Tis the season for long summer days spent in the pool! But this can also come with the dreadful aftermath of soaking in chlorinated water for hours on end. Fortunately, the professionals have had a solution for how to get rid of these unwelcome side effects for years.

For avid swimmers, chlorine neutralizing sprays might be the missing link! These sprays can be used on skin and hair after swimming to help buffer residual chlorine and decrease its potential to dry out the skin and damage the hair. Interestingly enough, vitamin C is a key active ingredient in these post-pool products. Professional swimming groups even recommend an easy at-home chlorine removal, using this nutrient! See the full article to get the DIY recipe:

This basic two ingredient formula is an easy DIY solution. Don’t forget to grab a dark-colored spray bottle to protect the vitamin C from oxidizing. Shake up the misture and try this spray on skin hair and swimsuits this summer!

Don’t feel like mixing an entire bottle? Adding some extra vitamin C to shampoo or body wash while showering can also do the trick.

Time to grab a spray bottle and hit the pool! Watch the full how-to:

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