China Focused Digital Wellness Platform Oxygn® Excites Market With New funding Round

July 21 18:06 2021
China Focused Digital Wellness Platform Oxygn® Excites Market With New funding Round

Hong Kong – July 21, 2021 – Oxygn Limited, the Hong Kong-based China-focused wellness media outlet has announced a series of exciting developments that continues to demonstrate the company’s rapid growth over the last year. Oxygn Limited through its partners in mainland China produces fitness, nutrition, longevity, and outdoor lifestyle content in Mandarin for a growing audience in mainland China. On June 6, 2021, the company reported “surging” demand for its content across all topics and relevant demographics amid talks of a fresh round of funding and new product development.

In its previous news release, Oxygn Limited (HK) indicated that a multitude of factors playing out in China has been driving strong demand for wellness information. China has seen increased demand for healthy foods, home exercise equipment, yoga mats and online fitness coaching. Oxygn Limited’s media outlet has seen a jump in the audience during and post-pandemic.

The wellness category has been growing at a consistent rate pre-pandemic and picked up steam during the pandemic. Chinese consumers however seem to have only doubled down on their wellness indulgences as one of the lasting effects of the pandemic. E-commerce giants like, Alibaba’s Taobao and Meituan have all reported substantial increases in consumer purchases of wellness-related products and services.

While Oxygn Limited has drawn strong investor interest over the past 24 months Co-founder and CEO Duane Belnavis has reiterated the company’s commitment to ensuring strategic fit with future investors. In a recent press briefing Mr. Belnavis said “As We approach the next stage of our development and funding. Strategic fit will be as important as the funding itself and the terms under which we will accept an agreement.”

Oxygn Limited’s fundraising efforts will be led by Hong Kong-based consultancy Catalyst Creative Group Limited. For accredited investors seeking additional information, you reach out to the Catalyst team at [email protected] or call +852 3521 2876 for further details.

Mr. Belnavis indicated that will be launching a WeChat Mini Program which will allow for enhanced user experience for both content creators on the oxygn platform and greater precision for marketers looking to tap China’s booming wellness-based consumer market. Co-founder and CTO Vetri PV indicated in a media briefing that “The WeChat Mini Program provides a rich set of tools for us to extend the user experience inside the WeChat (Tencent) ecosystem which is a key component of just about any China business strategy.”

“Our team worked diligently with the SWOTin team to develop a product that’s feature-rich, yet intuitive for the users.” Mr. Vetri added “We are proud of the finished product and we are excited as a team to share these new tools with content creators and marketing clients”.

Co-founder Mr. Belnavis indicated in a separate media briefing that “based on the available data the mainland China obsession with wellness and active living shows little to no sign of waning. Hence we see very little signs of slowing in demand for products, services and content related to wellbeing and active living going forward”. This has been backed up by Global Wellness Summit’s recent findings which point to some fairly staggering numbers only 15-16 million Chinese even have a gym membership, over 100 million Chinese have at least one fitness app on their phone, sports apparel saw an 11% year on year growth pre-pandemic and all indications are that these growth numbers have only accelerated in most cases.

While the numbers themselves only tell a part of the story it does bode well for wellness-focused companies like Oxygn Limited which produces high-quality, engaging, entertaining wellness content. Co-founder Mr. Belnavis added “Its clear to us that the China wellness market is in its infancy and this is the early innings of a long term growth story. At Oxygn we will continue to listen to our growing audience and help content creators best engage, inform and entertain our 3 million + users as we continue to grow”.

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