Enjoy Summer With OutSunny Patio Funiture

August 31 21:35 2021
At aosom.ca, they have a variety of patio furniture sets for people to choose from and many accessories that will make patio life even better.

After weeks of cold temperature plenty of snows. The weather finally entered Summer. For people who have a patio or a backyard, now it is finally time to enjoy life with families and friends without going somewhere far away from home. In order to spend some quality in backyard, a great set of patio furniture is what people need. At aosom.ca, they have a variety of patio furniture sets for people to choose from and many accessories that will make patio life even better.

How to choose patio furniture

In order to choose the right set of patio furniture for patio. There are a couple of factors that people need to look at before people made their decision.

1. The Size of Space.

While choosing the “right” size of patio furniture really depends on personal taste, but in order to make patio looks natural and have enough space for different kind of activities, there is a general rule that people can use it as reference. This general rule is to add 3 feet (36 inches) to each side of a table for general functionality with chairs and walkways. When working with smaller outdoor spaces, people may be able to select smaller chairs and plan on 30 to 34 inches for sufficient spacing. For instance, if people have an 18*18 feet patio, something like an Outsunny 3-Piece Modern Sofa Set is a pretty solid choice for people to put in their space. Of course at Aosom.ca, they have plenty of different sizes of patio furniture sets for people to choose from.

2. Type of Patio Furniture

There are many types of patio furniture in the market, such as PE/Nature rattan, wood, plastic, steel, and mosaic. At Aosom.ca, they carry all of those types and Aosom majorly carry all-weather PE rattan patio furniture which also been known as is the most popular one in the market. Compare to other types of materials, PE rattan furniture from aosom.ca ensure a comfortable touch feeling, providing flexibility to fulfill the design requirements for customers’ requirements while still have great dualbulidy.

3. Why Choose Aosom.ca

At Aosom.ca, they provide people a variety of choices of patio furniture sets, such as very popular Outsunny 7 Piece Outdoor Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set. A 7 piece set is modern, trendy and provides the user versatility by way of the unique reconfigurable design. Mix and match to create the perfect seating arrangement for outdoor space. Decorative, functional, and durable this set creates an inviting space people and their family can enjoy for years to come year after year. And of course, that different people have different needs. In order to fulfill all customers’ needs with all different sizes of personal, Aosom has different sizes of patio furniture sets from small 3 pics sets such as Outsunny 3pcs Rattan Wicker Coffee Table Set to large 9 pcs set such as Outsunny 9pcs Garden Wicker Sofa Set. No matter what size of personal space, people will always find the right set of patio set from aosom.ca.

Small Patio Furniture and Accessories at Aosom.ca

Other than many patio sets available at Aosom.ca, they have many great collections other than patio sets for you. Collections such as Patio Swings & Hammocks, Sun Loungers, Patio Umbrellas, Patio Awnings, Shade Sails, and Patio Heating & Lighting. With so many Aosom (awesome) collections for people to choose from, let’s start with Patio Swings & Hammocks.

Patio Swings & Hammocks at Aosom.ca

Make backyard a summer paradise with Aosom.ca‘s Outsunny Hammocks! Patio hammocks are perfect for relaxation with support and comfort. Hammocks are made of durable steel wrapped in an all-weather fabric bed. Also comes with pillows designed to maximize comfort and the rocking motion soothes away even bad days.

Swings are another common seeing outdoor furniture in people’s backyards. Not only have a swing in backyard make backyard looks nicer, but it is also a good way to let family (especially children) enjoy fresh air in backyard. At Aosom.ca, people can find different kinds of swings such as Metal Porch Swings, Wooden Porch Swings to show people unique characters.

Shade Sails and Patio Umbrellas at Aosom.ca

Summer is such a good time, but sometimes when the sunlight becomes unbearable, people need something to add up on patio furniture sets to protect us from the sun.

Two very popular add-up items for patio sets are patio umbrellas and shade sails. Both of them are very popular at aosom.ca , and there would be several testimonials preferring one over the other. So, shade sails vs patio umbrellas – which is the better option for you? Aosom.ca will consider several factors and look closer to both these options. Aosom has looked at the pros and cons of the shade sails and patio umbrellas. They hope that this article will help people choose the better option.

Shade Sails vs Patio Umbrellas

1. Shade Sails

If people are looking to have a comfortable shade in backyard, the shade sails from Aosom.ca are one good option for you. They are usually used to cover a large area that will cover a playing area or a swimming pool. The sails must be connected to a few anchor points around the area people wish to cover. Made of strong UV-stabilized fabric they are tightened by mounting on posts to ensure they can withstand strong winds. At Aosom. ca shade sails come in different sizes and colours. They ideally provide stylish and effective shade solutions that fit most outdoor living spaces. people can creatively design people own little shady area in a courtyard, pool, gardens, and children’s play areas, car spaces, and even entryways. The sail itself is constructed from a polyethylene weave material that resists mold, mildew, stain, tear, crack and fade. Shade sails provide up to 90% UV block while allowing cooling air circulation, thus can keep people cool and out of the hot sun. Enjoy wonderful outdoor life this summer with great shade sails.

2. Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas from Aosom.ca have many different shapes but are usually bell-shaped or trendy wood patio umbrellas. It is usually but to have a shade at the tables in many hotels and restaurants. They provide a seamless transition from indoors to outdoor shade. It can help protect the guests from the harsh sun rays and be found at the poolside. Outsunny patio umbrellas are perfect choices to add shade during hot summer weather or anytime people need a little extra shade. The double-sided and anti-UV canopy offers the maximum sunshade and blocks harmful UV rays. Constructed with the rust-free steel pole and heavy-duty steel ribs, Outsunny patio umbrella is superior in strength and durability, some of them are built with small decoration parts such as led lights. No matter what sizes of patio sets and backyard, people will always find the one that can protect people from the sun and showing unique design language to guests.

Shade Sails vs Patio Umbrellas

After learning that both shade sails and patio umbrellas from Aosom.ca, the next question is which one to buy?

A shade sail of the best quality material, like non-recycled high-density polyethylene, is the ideal option. Most of them are not aesthetically pleasing too. people would have to use a spray hose to clean the shade sails. On the other hand, umbrellas can be maintained easily. They can be changed easily too, and there are various options from which people can choose.

When people are looking for flexibility, patio umbrellas scores over the shade sails. The sails have a fixed position when they are installed and cannot be changed. Still, if people wish to make changes to its position, it is cumbersome. On the other hand, the position of the umbrellas can be changed quickly. The canopy of a patio umbrella can be easily rotated to ensure that the sun rays do not fall on people directly

Share with similar purposes and functions. Aosom.ca recommends people to read their production information very carefully before people mand any purchases.

Patio Accessories at Aosom.ca

One more thing to mentation is other than patio furniture that can ensure people have a great time in backyard during hot summer days. They also carry patio accessories such as Patio Heating & Lighting and Fire Pit to ensure even in the night and late fall people can still have a great time in backyard.

Patio Heating & Lightings

Our solar torch lights sets are not only practical lighting but also an attractive decoration offering warm cozy white flames it’s perfect for patio yard garden or any other outdoor spaces to add ambiance. Intelligent design makes it turn on automatically at night or people can control the light by the switch. Using solar light is an effective and reliable way to save energy sources as well as bills in the meantime protect planet.

Fire Pit is also a must-have during nights and cold weather. Whether people want to enjoy barbeque cuisine bedside the fire or an evening full of festivities. Outsunny fire pits are wonderful choices for you. people can enjoy a safe and controlled campfire in backyard whenever people want! With an attractive faux slate-edged stone design of fire pits, they provide plenty of room for people to gather around chat and stay warm while enjoying the crackling glow of burning wood. Coming in multiple sizes and shapes, Outsunny fire pits are first choice when the weather gets cold and time gets late!

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