Get Ready For A New Web Series “Viv Steele”, Some People Are Not Born Heroes

September 11 06:36 2021


Vic Steele is a new web series that follows a man’s journey to becoming a superhero.  It airs on the website Blue Diamond is the first episode in the series. Film noir, loved for its unique feel and style, intends to bring a comic book feel to this fantastic genre, bringing it to life and making it more modernized. Like James Bond, Vic Steele has a way with the ladies. Vic fights for justice at any cost. He is unaware of his powers until his arch nemesis kills him. Then he becomes almost unstoppable as he will risk his life to save the women he can’t stop loving.

The episode Blue Diamond was directed by William Waters a small-town boy from Michigan who has been working in Hollywood for several years in various capacities. He has appeared in a few shorts and directed shorts, plays and music videos.The show features Rico Simonini and Charese Mongiello. Rico Simonini has worked on over 75 film projects and Rico enjoyed working “on the boards” in leading roles in well-known plays such as Ricky Roma (Glengarry Glenn Ross), RP McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), Daniel Kaffee (A Few Good Men), and Joe Pendleton (Heaven Can Wait) in addition to originating over a dozen roles in dramas by local playwrights.  Charese Mongiello has worked on many projects as an actress producer and script supervisor.

The series is a noir piece with a sci-fi Blade Runner feel to it mixing genres with film noir and comic books to bring back a nostalgia for those who knew and loved noir and to bring a new feel to a younger audience. Apart from the web series, there will also be a comic book that will also be coming out soon. The web series was shot at YouTube Space in LA. A truely amazing place to shoot which feature many sound stages for creators to choose from and a large selection of film equipment. This helped the quality cinematography Jose Barocio JR. Bring his concept for the piece to life. Anthony Echegoyen and Nathan Cooper edited the episode.

This is one episode of many to come.

Final Verdict

The series has a fascinating storyline worth watching. Its fantastic plot twists and creativity from different actors make it one of its kind.

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