Magnetic Lash Bash Makes Peepers Pop

September 13 14:36 2021
What’s the secret behind this brand’s fabu-lash-ous easy-to-use lashes?

While diamonds and the little black dress have yet to go out of style, harsh glue and sandwich lashing are so last season. Magnetic Lash Bash, a beauty and cosmetics brand, takes peepers to a new level with its fabu-lash-ous, easy-to-use lashes. Looking great has never been so quick and seamless. Thanks to Magnetic Lash Bash’s two types of false eyelash systems, there are options for all lash lovers. In fact, with little or no practice even Granny will be able to lash in a flash. And, why not when lashes are simply timeless?

No eyelid is created equal so Magnetic Lash Bash offers both adhesive and magnetic lashes. They have similar results but different application methods and both systems are easy to use. For those with hooded peeps, little experience, or shaky hands, adhesive lashes are the top choice because they are easier to apply. On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner is liquid and requires a bit of precision. For those who are comfortable applying liquid eyeliner, magnetics are a snap. Magnetic lashes tend to look slightly more dramatic at the lash line due to the black liner, but this can also be achieved with adhesives.

Magnetic lashes, as the name suggests, are eyelashes with tiny magnets along the lash band. They do not require glue or adhesive to keep them in place. In fact, these seven tiny magnets grab onto the eyeliner. The eyeliner is not magnetic but formulated with iron oxides that grab the tiny magnets on the lashes. Have no fear, iron oxide can be found in many of the beauty products already used worldwide. The best part is Magnetic Lash Bash’s innovative quick-dry formula only requires two to three minutes of drying time. Once dry, the tiny magnets on the lashes will snap to the eyeliner. It’s simply fabu-lash-ous.

Magnetic lashes should be the last step in anyone’s eye makeup routine – specifically after any other eyeliner and eyeshadow. Apply 2 swipes of this waterproof liner and after three minutes (drying time) the eyes are ready for lashes. It’s the coolest thing – one can actually see the lashes grab onto the liner. Applying false eyelashes is as simple as snapping them on!

Magnetic Lash Bash also offers premium top-quality adhesive false eyelashes. These lashes are applied using an adhesive felt tip eyeliner. After applying 2 thin coats of adhesive, one only needs to wait a mere 30 seconds before applying the lashes along the lash line and lightly tap in place. Anyone can literally have their lashes on in under a minute. Simply “swipe and stick” these fabulous falsies.

The felt tip adhesive eyeliner is available in both black and clear. For those who prefer a natural look, clear eyeliner is priceless. Adhesive lashes work best when applied before other eye makeup to avoid saturating the felt tip with eye shadow and other cosmetics.

Magnetic Lash Bash’s adhesive and magnetic lashes come in several stunning styles that range from short, sweet, and simple to long, thick, and dramatic. Anyone is sure to find a lash length that best suits their unique style. Each lash provides an all-day hold and they may be easily trimmed to fit. Each pair of lashes is reusable multiple times depending on care, resulting in a low cost per wear.

Mascara is by no means left in the dust but it is minimally necessary with these falsies. Less mascara will make anyone’s cleansing routine a breeze. Magnetic Lash Bash recommends using an oil-based eye makeup remover or a standard makeup remover cloth. Since the makeup remover cloth does not use chemicals, it is great for those who wear contacts. False lashes should be removed at the end of the day.

Magnetic Lash Bash recently raised the bar by offering deluxe lash kits that include 5 sets of lashes in different styles. With a deluxe kit, anyone can mix up weekday and weekend lash looks and eliminate the stress of having to pick just one lash online. These deluxe kits, good for at least 100 wears will not only keep lash spending in check but also keep the lash closet stocked. And did we mention the box is also reusable?

People look dramatically different with false eyelashes. Adding an extra few minutes to one’s beauty routine is worth having their peepers pop all day. They feel like nothing but they perform like nothing else in anyone’s cosmetic essentials. And, who doesn’t want to stand out every now and then? After all, lashes are the new black. To browse, shop, and learn more about Magnetic Lash Bash, visit

About Magnetic Lash Bash

Magnetic Lash Bash, strongly believes that everyone should experience the joy of playing with makeup. AfterPay is available at checkout allowing customers to pay in 4 equal installments. Aside from being super affordable, all of Magnetic Lash Bash’s magnetic and adhesive lashes are latex-free, cruelty-free, vegan, smudge-proof, and waterproof.

The company also brings fun products that add more oomph to transformations and makeovers. Check out their soft and sleek lip glosses, talc-free eye shadow palettes, skincare products, jeggings, flasks, colored hair extensions, beauty accessories, and more.

In 2020, Magnetic Lash Bash created their own brand of eyelashes, The Diva Lash, to help give people a fresh and youthful look. Magnetic Lash Bash is also a staunch supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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