Bottle Me A Message Offers Special Valentine’s Day Gift Shipping Options To Help Lovers Create Memorable Experiences

January 24 18:36 2022
Bottle Me A Message Offers Special Valentine's Day Gift Shipping Options To Help Lovers Create Memorable Experiences
The family-owned business provides a variety of messages in a bottle for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and is offering lovers two special shipping options for creating a memorable emotional keepsake this valentine

January 24th, 2022 – Bottle Me A Message is delighted to announce to married couples, singles in love, and just about anyone searching for a unique way to celebrate their special someone on this year’s Valentine’s Day, that the ‘Bottle Me a Message’ gift package is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for creating a truly memorable lover’s anniversary.

The California-based family-owned business provides a variety of Messages In a Bottle for all occasions, including birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, etc. And assures customers, who can’t think of the right words to say, that it possesses an extensive message library filled with messages for all occasions and reasons.

“At Bottle Me a Message, we believe in people, family, and friendships. Friends make the world a better and brighter place, while family fills it with love, laughter, warmth, and heart. As a family-owned business, we take pride in every Message In a Bottle we create for you, our customer.”

For this year’s Valentine’s day celebrations, Bottle Me a Massage has announced that it will be offering two separate shipping options for lovers to choose from.

The first shipping option will see the brand send out messages in a bottle via the US priority mail, about 7 days before Valentine’s Day, with a decal that says – “Do Not Open Until Valentine’s Day.” All orders for this option must be completed by the 6th of February, to ensure the brand has appropriate time to curate the gift package, and this option will incur an extra cost of $2 in addition to the standard cost of the service.

In the second option, bottled messages will be delivered on the 14th of February via FedEx Delivery at an extra cost of $49.99. All orders must be completed by the 10th of February and the brand has revealed that the slots available are somewhat limited, as it usually runs out of bottles during this time of the year.

Bottle Me A Message adds that all messages will be centered and spaced accordingly, using either a Signet Roundhand font or Monotype Corsiva. Customers with unique preferences, such as specific fonts or styles, can also indicate by filling out the special instructions and comments form field when completing their orders.

Anyone interested in treating their significant other to a memorable experience this Valentine’s Day can simply visit the brand’s website to choose a bottle from its amazing and diverse range of options.

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