Sherry Battle Announces New Program to Guide Entrepreneurs to Become Self-Made Millionaires

January 24 18:48 2022
Sherry Battle Announces New Program to Guide Entrepreneurs to Become Self-Made Millionaires
The self-made millionaire’s program will teach entrepreneurs and offer an opportunity to join her ‘Dream Team’

CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team, Sherry Battle, a self-made millionaire and expert investor, is pleased to announce her new program to teach people, of all backgrounds, how to make their first $1 million.

Under the tutelage of Battle, over the course of four weeks, professionals will garner the ability to improve their mindset and skills as they work toward becoming a millionaire, all while improving their portfolios. She teaches them how to create successful businesses, scale it to grow and make optimal investments in both the real estate industry and stock market.

With over 30 years of experience, Battle teaches professionals to find financial literacy and also offers upgrades through social media marketing tutoring, blueprints on running a business, personal and business funding, credit setup and repair, creating a website and driving traffic to the site and foundations of marketing, including strategy concepts and planning, and much more.

“When I think back to earning my first $1 million when I was 29 years old, I remember having mixed feelings,” said Battle. “It felt good and bad, because it came with tax baggage. So, I devoted hours to learning from my accountant and, 30 years later, I’ve utilized a specific strategy to maximize my money, over and over again. It’s why I have devoted myself to helping others.”

Services from Battle and her team also include mentor calls, free access to private events, including her exclusive Facebook networking group, all with the mission of helping business owners and entrepreneurs master their skill and become the best in their respective industries.

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Sherry Battle, CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team is a self-made millionaire and expert investor. Her program teaches people of all backgrounds to make their first $1 million. To join her program to learn how to become a millionaire, please visit

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