Workplace Bullying Workshops at SBR Workplace Leadership Services

January 25 22:00 2022
Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks Highlights Workplace Bullying at SBR Workplace Leadership Services.

JANUARY 25, 2022- Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks is the president of SBR Workplace Leadership Services. She creates policies and procedures to help deter and prevent workplace bullying. She hosts educational leadership workshops throughout the year as well.

SBR Workplace Leadership Services offers leadership consulting for the upper levels of management because change starts at the top. All employees are trained to adhere to policies and procedures designed by management. Additionally, SBR Workplace Leadership Services provides expertise in preventing harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and hazing.

Dr. Ricks is a certified life coach. She is a certified facilitator for five languages of appreciation in the workplace. She is also certified as a virtual dementia facilitator. She offers training and workshops in many areas that can be found at

Training sessions and workshops are available to allow employees of all levels within an organization gain education on new material, be refreshed on existing material, or taught to adhere to major changes within an organization. These training sessions and workshops are offered in-person or online synchronous. Sessions can also be pre-recorded and provided as well. Sessions can vary in length depending on your needs: 30 minutes, one hour, a half day, or a multiple day conference.

Bullied At Work… A Journey of Growth & Perseverance is a book written by Dr. Ricks. This book provides a detailed story of the work experiences of Dr. Ricks. She learned what workplace bullying was by experiencing these behaviors at three different organizations and completing her own research. You will read about her obstacles, struggles, perseverance, growth, development, and triumph as she dealt with challenges head on.

Dr. Ricks strives to create peace and harmony throughout the workforce and in the community. She is a volunteer for Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department and for the Prince William County Community Foundation. She was selected as one of the top 40 under 40 in Northern Virginia by the Leadership of Excellence Institute. She was selected as one of the top five influential women of Prince William Living magazine in 2021. She was a top 20 finalist for the Overachievers Grant in 2021 as well. Finally, she is being recognized in 2022 by Medstar Georgetown University as a kidney donor for a relative in 2021. Dr. Ricks is striving to create peace, unity, and harmony in all aspects of life as she sees this as a life calling.

About Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks

Dr. Sabrina B. Ricks is a leadership and management expert who highlights workplace bullying prevention in order to create better work environments where employees feel safe, heard, and respected.

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