Author J.T Jacobson Announce New Book “Salem’s Flight” Detailing The Adventures Of A Cat His Designated Witch

January 25 22:36 2022
United by their passion to become the scariest during Halloween, a cat and his Witch embark on their first flight to accomplish just that in this visually and artistically satisfying tale

J.T Jacobson, author and creative storyteller, announces his book titled “Salem’s Flight,” a children’s book about a cat and a witch whose goal of becoming the scariest on Halloween aligns. So the characters set out on an adventure and will quickly become legendary amongst their peers as the scariest team to ever scare on Halloween night.

Salem’s Fight is an entertaining book for children between 2-12 years old, with the aim of helping to improve their imagination and creative thinking. The book takes the reader on a journey while also celebrating the incredible bond between two unbreakable and inseparable friends who are having the greatest time of their lives while fulfilling their dreams.

The 27-page book is written in English and available in different formats, including Kindle, paperback through Amazon, and hardcover & paperback through Barnes and Noble. Illustrator, Jake Barnes, also added so many visually engaging and enticing elements encouraging readers to advance through the story.

Author J.T Jacobson is a creative writer who invests time and effort in creating stories that children will love. He believes in the power of the imagination and what it can do for children if they are exposed to stories that allow them to think. Halloween and witches are elements that J.T. Jacobson knows very well and is passionate about. Halloween is the author’s favorite holiday because of the magic, fun, and excitement that comes with it.

Jacobson doesn’t just want children to read the book, but he wants them to be so inspired by the story that it will encourage them to create their own arts in drawing, writing, sculpting, and so on. The author believes the next generation needs to be taught to be more imaginative and create things rather than expect others to create art for them to enjoy. This book encourages participation, inclusion, imaginative expression, and exceptional creativity which may lead to great things for young readers.

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