Chris Patrick is Empowering People to Turn their Failures into Success

August 08 16:54 2022
Patrick is passionate about helping people break through barricades to achieve the life they really want and deserve.

Anyone who has fumbled through life has at least once asked, “Why am I struggling and unable to get ahead?” or some version thereof. Author, and uncensored life advisor, Chris Patrick shares powerful insights in his free PDF guide, “11 Shocking Reasons You’re Not Successful (Yet). And how to FIX them NOW”.

“We all want to be successful. But if we’re being honest, most of us are standing in our own way while smoldering in the perpetual dumpster fire of a meager existence. You’re capable of immeasurable greatness. But not when you’re setting up self-imposed barricades on your superhighway to divine happiness, abundance, and success,” says Patrick.

He offers a free comprehensive 11-step guide carefully curated to position readers on their path to unlimited success. Patrick deep dives into often overlooked stumbling blocks and teaches readers how to overcome their fear of failure, find hidden opportunities, challenge their belief system, take calculated risks and utilize past failures as the building blocks to success so they can create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Patrick expands greatly on these topics and more in his debut book, Disasters to Dreams. The authoritative instruction manual (and no BS system) that will show you, first-hand, how to turn hardships, mistakes, and failures into a perfect storm of success.

Patrick is candid in his vulnerabilities and doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. However, he also remains optimistic, outspoken (and with a gritty edge, mind you) in showing us that it’s possible to succeed no matter how many times you’ve failed.

As your guide to an awesome life, Patrick is passionate about empowering you to make your own rules, live with authenticity and find your inner greatness.

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