Bella Preneurs LLC Announces the Introduction of the “i scream” app

August 15 15:08 2022
100% black-owned product innovation and production company, Bella Preneurs LLC, is set to officially launch their first product, “i scream,” a user-friendly for locating the closest ice cream truck

The CEO Bella Preneurs and his team of experts are bringing exciting moments to ice cream lovers with the launch of the “i scream” app. The new Massachusetts-based product innovation and production company is launching the app as its first product to be available for download from September 15, 2022, changing the face of ice cream delivery by enabling users to order for their favorite flavor from the closest truck.

Ice cream undoubtedly remains one of the most enjoyed desserts in the world. However, locating ice cream trucks or stores can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when in unfamiliar territory. Consequently, Bella Preneurs LLC is looking to change the narrative for millions of ice cream lovers across age groups with the launch of the “i scream” app.

The innovative mobile app is designed to enable users to “get ice cream trucks to stop.” It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows users to check the types of products they want and get them from a nearby seller, with the driver going to the consumer to sell the product. The “i scream” app also enables users to use the GPS map to locate the nearest truck, click on it, and get it to stop even if it was driving away.

The launch of the “i scream” app is particularly timely and laudable, with the Bella Preneurs team delivering all shades of amazingness to lovers of ice cream following over 5 months of hard work trying to create the perfect app to buy ice cream.

“i scream” will be available on Google Play and the App Store for users of iOS and Android.

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Bella Preneurs LLC is a 100% black-owned product innovation and production company founded by Michael Bellamy. The goal of the company is to bring simplicity to the lives of consumers by creating new and exciting products designed to leverage the power of technology.

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