Zikr1 Lite – The Perfect Smart Watch for Muslims

November 03 13:00 2022
Zikr1 Lite - The Perfect Smart Watch for Muslims
Tasbeeh counter
(Zikr1 Lite is the perfect smart watch which is exceptionally useful for the Muslims. It performs many important functions.)

Today’s youth love things that are smart, trending, attractive, and, of course, useful. Zikr1 Lite is the perfect Smart Ring that young people love to use in present times. Youngsters and adults need devices that are easy to use, remind them of certain things, and last a long. Zikr1 Lite is one such product which performs many functions. The best part is that it looks extraordinarily good and lasts a long time.

Specially made for Muslims, Zikr1 Lite is a product that performs several important functions to make life easier for the user.

It looks attractive and smart.

One of the best features of Zikr1 Lite is that it is available in 5 colors. It has a fashionable appearance, is easy to wear, and is lightweight, weighing only 7.7 gm. In fact, there are many people who choose to buy Zikr1 Lite and gift it to their Muslim friends. Youngsters love the look of the device and happily adorn it on different occasions.

Besides looking good, the Zikr1 Lite is known for its several useful functions. Some of these are:

5 Times Prayer Reminder – This is available with a built-in Bluetooth. Thus, it is easy to connect to the iQibla app. The user gets 5 prayer time reminders through Zikr1 Lite or through the smartphone app. People love this feature because they are assured that they will not miss their prayer time no matter how busy their schedule is. The Zikr1 Lite will vibrate at the set time, and the user will get a reminder of the time.

Tasbeeh Smart Counter: This is another useful feature of Zikr1 Lite. There is an integrated CNC button in the device. It has a Tasbeeh counter. This works to keep track of Tasbeeh count easily and all the while.

Clear Display – Zikr1 Lite comes with an OLED display, which means the user can easily read the display from any angle without having to strain their eyes.

The device has a long battery life of three days of normal usage. Those who are travelling can easily carry it and be assured that they will be reminded on time without having to worry about the device getting discharged.

About iQibla:

iQibla was founded with the aim of helping Muslims keeps a track of their Tasbeeh counts and also five time prayers reminders. The products are high-quality and functional.

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