Empowerment Coach Megan Reuwer at Megan Rose Coaching Mentors Women Entrepreneurs to Achieve Self Growth and Financial Success

November 16 14:45 2022
Megan Reuwer is a successful entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in sales and recruitment in the direct sales industry. She has helped many work-at-home moms and female entrepreneurs realize their true potential for personal and professional growth.

According to announcements released by Megan Rose Coaching and Megan Reuwer, empowerment coaching offered by this center has helped work-at-home moms and women entrepreneurs to achieve financial success, stay healthy, and fulfil their dreams. 

She does so by leveraging her life experiences, professional background, and qualifications. Megan Reuwer has built and led teams of women that have registered millions of dollars in annual sales. She has coached and guided women who have gone on to assume leadership positions in their industries. Megan Reuwer has been amongst the leading earners, sales leaders, and recruiters in the direct sales industry. She is an author, public speaker, and life coach. Her multi-faceted personality shows through in her coaching techniques that have enabled women to find their true selves and progress in life. 

For more information, go to https://www.meganrosecoaching.com/

Megan Rose Coaching offers value alignment coaching packages and one-on-one coaching for women entrepreneurs. These packages instil belief and confidence in budding businesswomen and teach them how to develop a strong team culture. The coaching center will soon be launching mini-online courses. Megan works on the underlying principle that everyone is gifted with skills and positive attributes that must be harnessed to achieve dreams. She is passionate about helping women identify those gifts to achieve their lives’ objectives. By availing of the coaching, women discover what they can do for their own selves. Megan Reuwer gives them the tools to gain a higher level of awareness that can connect them with their true selves. Megan nudges and handholds her clients to embrace their full potential so they may live a more complete and prosperous life. 

Coach Megan Reuwer said, “I am a momma of four. My children live with special needs, and I always find ways to weave love, joy, and connection into this world. My passions include health & wellness, nature, travel, date nights, great food, and supporting women as they grow in their power and influence. Most importantly, I value faith, family, and friendship. I am a creator, beauty seeker, and deep-heart diver. I received my coaching certifications and training through the IPEC Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP). Focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence are a few keys to understanding where you are and how to move you to where you want to be.

I love people wholeheartedly and believe we all need each other. I love real food, traveling and always learning through rich conversation and the beauty of friendship. I am a creative and empathetic entrepreneur living with and continuing to win in my mental health journey. This has been lifelong for me, diagnosed at a young age with mental illness. I have secretly done mental gymnastics and found amazing tools to keep me grounded and living fully in my story. My voice & experiences are essential to who I am, and I believe yours are too.”

About the Company:

Megan Rose Coaching mentors women who wish to connect with their true selves and use the experience to gain real and tangible benefits. Megan Reuwer, the founder, helps women rediscover attributes such as patience, confidence, critical thinking, and empathy for use in daily life. Megan places her knowledge and extensive experience at her clients’ disposal.

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