Astinel Security & Forensics Performs Vendor Due Diligence and Helps Businesses Avoid Contractor Fraud In the Modern Day

March 02 11:28 2021
Astinel Security & Forensics Performs Vendor Due Diligence and Helps Businesses Avoid Contractor Fraud In the Modern Day

Many businesses do not realize they are about to become victims of contractor fraud until it is too late. Experienced con artists can outwit even the best vendor due diligence efforts. Certified Fraud Examiners protect businesses from contractor fraud and are a valuable resource for businesses in every industry. Astinel Security & Forensics helps businesses and attorneys vet contractors and prevent fraud. 

Seasoned business professionals often believe that they are too smart to be fooled by contractor fraud. They might also believe that their reputation protects them because no one would dare try to harm them. These beliefs lead to the downfall of great businesses. The reality is that aptitude and professional prowess will not protect businesses from desperation or contempt. Many contractors who try to con businesses have fallen on hard times. They may be facing debt, labor complaints, legal bills, and fines, all of which are difficult to catch while performing vendor due diligence. This is why professional security and forensics specialists are the ultimate tool to protect businesses. 

Contractor fraud appears in many ways. Failure to perform, breach of contract, or bad faith conduct are different from what most people expect fraud to look like but are all often used contractor fraud practices. When businesses are hit by contractor fraud, even if they want to recover their losses, shame prevents them from seeking civil remedies or criminal action. 

Contractor fraud can also be highly sophisticated. Fake websites created with customer reviews can trick even very seasoned businesses. These contractors even provide photographs and documents to appear fake their legitimacy. Avoiding contractor and servicer fraud is trickier than it sounds. Green on the part of the business can make contractor fraud even harder to catch. The reality is, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. 

This is where Astinel Security & Forensics comes in. Astinel has the skill and experience to aptly notice red flags. As unbiased examiners, they inspect customer reviews, conduct research online, and pose crafty questions. “Too often, businesses who are victims of fraud are too embarrassed to ask for outside help,” says Zane Kinney, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Principal Consultant for Astinel Security. “They do not understand how fraud examiners can help or believe that they do not need assistance. After the fraud is revealed, victims beat themselves up. They are mortified beyond consolation. At Astinel Security, we work hard to prevent businesses from ever getting to this point.” 

When seeking a luxury home builder, an upscale auto broker, popular musical act, or investment service, adopted a competent investigator like Astinel to perform critical vendor due diligence. To learn more about Astinel Security & Forensics, please click here

About Astinel Security & Forensics and Zane Kinney

Astinel Security & Forensics is known as “The Attorney’s Friend” is a team of risk, security, and fraud consultants that provide risk and investigative services. Astinel responds to business crises regarding fraud, embezzlement, and security breaches and works intimately with the legal community providing specialized forensic reviews. Services include corporate security and workplace investigations, private investigations and asset searches, fraud assessments and fraud examinations, risk and loss prevention assessments, physician security assessments, and speaking, educational, and training services. Zane Kinney, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Principal Consultant for Astinel Security is a highly regarded security consultant with a reputation for providing high levels of client satisfaction.

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