Soulful Gospel Music Melded with Hip Hop: Presenting to the World Dane Prophet

April 06 16:54 2021
Soulful Gospel Music Melded with Hip Hop: Presenting to the World Dane Prophet
Through rich and beautiful tracks that narrate splendid messages of love and hope, Dane Prophet is inspiring fans of Hip Hop and Gospel music by his melodious and soul-stirring musical debut

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dane Prophet is breaking all barriers between him and success, by flourishing his raw and authentic musical compositions. The stellar artist is all ready to showcase his burning passion for music, and awe-inspiring songwriting with the release of debut track titled “Royalty Part III”, which is slated for release on the artist’s official music platforms on April 2nd, 2021.

Already known to have collaborated and worked with a number of talented and stunning musical producers and performers, Dane is now using his musical compositions to highlight his own independent musical taste and talents.

The debut single is focused on optimistic and upbeat lyricism, which sheds light on the silver lining of our lives that we forget to be thankful for. In tough times of the global pandemic, the song will be a burning reminder for all the good left in the world and has been described by the artist as song that sounds like magic. Dominated by a high tempo, optimistic and hopeful storytelling and a striking vocal style, the single brings together powerful rhythms to celebrate and appreciate. Dane Prophet’s music, represented by the new single “Royalty Part III” is bound to be loved by fans of all ages. Both adults and youngsters will surely be able to relate to the messages that are being imparted through his music, as well as vibe along to his melodious compositions.

Crafting musical pieces that are both thrilling and exciting and imparting key messages, Dane is looking forward to being celebrated with his unique takes on Gospel and Hip-Hop fusions.


An up-and-coming singer and songwriter, Dane Prophet is a true gem of authentic and relatable Gospel and Hip-Hop music.

Ever since breaking through in the Rap scene as a true and authentic Hip Hop artist, Dane Prophet has continued to grow and improve. The striking singer joined the music scene of Chicago as a Rapper in 2004, and his musical tastes and sensibilities continued to grow.

The talented writer and vocalist is known to be a creative powerhouse, working as Palmist by decree. With charisma and sensational high-spirited character, the budding singer and artist is finally putting out his vocals for display.

Dane Prophet’s new single titled “Royalty Part III” will be an iconic release, which will provide fans with much-needed layered musical journeys to follow and fall in love with. The song itself denotes a critical moment in the young artist’s career, as it is laying the foundation of his music through his own independent music record label “Do or Dane Records”, which began in 2019.



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