Accelerating Innovations in Fintech to Meet Personalized Investment and Financial Management – Interview with Linqiong Gong, An Expert in Smart Fintech Research and Development

June 08 04:42 2021

In September 2020, INCLUSION Bund Conference released the 2021 Global Top 10 Fintech Trends, which predicted the future trend of financial technology from the three dimensions of credibility, intelligence and inclusiveness, including full-stack credibility, active security defense, cross-chain, privacy-based shared intelligence, timing diagram calculation, continuous intelligence, automatic factor discovery machine learning, knowledge graph and multi-modal learning, deep personalization, openness and transparency. Among them, “deep personalization” means that financial services are gradually becoming online, realizing accurate matching with customers, and moving from high-net-worth individuals to popularization.

Linqiong Gong, an outstanding technology research and development expert in the field of smart finance in China, has been engaged in financial business development and financial investment technology innovation for many years. With in-depth understanding of the operating mechanism of the financial service and research on cutting-edge technologies such as big data, blockchain, mobile internet, and artificial intelligence, she has developed a series of industry-leading smart finance technological achievements, covering financial data analysis, investment risk assessment, financial product platform construction, etc. Especially in the field of personalized investment and financial management technology, she has achieved breakthrough innovations. The innovative investment and financial management plan customization system can help investors perform intelligent user portraits, risk appraisal, analysis of major asset allocations and output investment strategies before investing. After the completion of the transaction, the system can continuously judge the investment risk, automatically adjust the position, and provide various reports, market analysis and interpretation to the users at the first time, so as to provide investors with full cycle personalized services and protect investors’ funds security and investment income.

In the interview, Linqiong Gong emphasized the importance of innovative financial technology. She said that the application of five key technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, have driven the transformation of business models in the financial industry. The application of these key technologies has greatly improved the service efficiency of financial institutions, expanded the scope of services, reduced operation and management costs, and provided development opportunities for small and medium financial institutions in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Therefore, financial institutions and practitioners need to actively strengthen the innovative application of financial technology, rationally deploy advanced technology in various financial service scenarios, accelerate digital transformation, and inject new vitality into the development of financial services. Meanwhile, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of financial technology risks, ensure the safety of customer funds and information, and maintain the stability of the financial system.

As a pioneer and leader of industry technology research and development, Linqiong Gong has developed a series of technological achievements, including “Intelligent Assessment System of Risk in Credit Business”, “Investment and Financial Management Plan Customization System Based on Deep Belief Network”, and “Multi-purpose Financial Service Management System Based on Blockchain Technology”, “Financial Product Design Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System”. With high scientific and technological content and industry foresight, these technological achievements have created huge economic and social benefits in the practical application, which is of great significance for improving the quality and efficiency of financial services, preventing financial risks, safeguarding the interests of users and maintaining the stable development of the financial industry. Among them, the “Investment and Financial Management Plan Customization System Based on Deep Belief Network” developed by Linqiong Gong, which met the needs of investors for personalized investment and financial management, solved the problems that restrained the further development of the industry, and attracted great attention from the industry.

The system includes an information analysis module, an investment and financial information collection module, a deep belief network processing module, a solution intelligent simulation module, a solution review module, and a solution output module. The information analysis module comprehensively analyzes the investor’s personal fund status, risk preference, and investment and financial management profit and loss status, and then forms an investor’s information model. The investment and financial information collection module collects and analyzes information on various investment and wealth management products. The deep belief network processing module conducts comprehensive analysis based on investor information model and investment and wealth management product information, forms a basic investment and wealth management plan through continuous observation and learning, and then reviews and outputs the formed plan through the solution review module. The system realizes real-time personalized transactions according to risk preference, investment amount, investment time, position status, trading strategy and other factors, effectively supports the refined operation and personalized customization of the front-end business system for different users, helps the financial strategy of the back-end financial investment and research department to be effectively implemented, and brings considerable benefits to investors.

The above-mentioned innovative achievements in smart finance developed by Linqiong Gong have been widely applied and promoted in financial institutions such as China Everbright Bank, Bank of Communications, China Financial Services Holdings Ltd., SendKing Capital Services Co., Ltd., Guotai Junan Securities, etc., which has improved the overall intelligent and digital level of the financial industry and won unanimous praise from industry experts, scholars and peers. Relying on outstanding achievements and contributions in the industry, Linqiong Gong has won a large number of awards in large-scale industry campaigns and has become a member of many authoritative associations, demonstrating an extremely high industry reputation and influence.

Regarding future development, Linqiong Gong said that she will stick to her original intentions and continue to innovate and optimize financial technology. Taking serving the public, serving entities, and serving supervision as her duties, she will make unremitting efforts to improve the stability of the financial system to resist risks, and drive the industry to form a new development pattern that is inclusive, open, and mutually beneficial.

Reporter: Hongyuan Zou

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