Clover Lane Jewelry Launches New Jewelry Collection to Benefit More Communities

June 26 00:24 2021
This online jewelry shop aims to make its customers look, do, and feel good with its product lines that give back.

Jewelry pieces can make people look good. They make an already stylish outfit even more fashionable. They also help people express themselves. These are a few reasons why people wear jewelry, the same reasons that motivate jewelers to continue to design and sell trendy pieces.

But one particular jewelry shop, Clover Lane Jewelry, creates and sells trendy jewelry pieces not only to improve how a person looks but more so to help make a positive impact in various communities. Clover Lane Jewelry aims to provide wholesome meals to the needy through jewelry pieces that give back. For each piece sold, the company shares a portion of its proceeds to a charity from its customer’s community.

“We started Clover Lane Jewelry after we witnessed first-hand how there were many people in need that had food insecurities. During the pandemic, this was happening in our backyard, and we decided we needed to do something about it,” shared the company representative.

Clover Lane Jewelry was born not just to make people look good, but to also make them do and feel good. By purchasing a piece of jewelry, Clover Lane Jewelry customers not only become stylish, but they also help provide warm meals to the hungry, which makes every jewelry piece even more special. Each Clover Lane Jewelry has eco-friendly designs that are perfect to wear on any occasion. These statement pieces are also affordable to encourage more people to buy them and eventually help more people in need.

And to make a bigger difference to more communities and help feed more people, Clover Lane Jewelry recently launched its latest addition, the new Turquoise Collection.

The New Turquoise Collection features the ancient material turquoise in simple yet modern designs. Much like the turquoise, which is known for its ability to balance and align all the chakras, stabilize mood swings, and instill inner calm, the collection intends to increase positivity, promote self-realization, and creative problem-solving, while helping a community feed the hungry.

The collection includes unique and stylish necklace and charm designs that complement the beautiful and calming color of turquoise. Some designs include cactus, pineapple, gold bar, sun and moon, hexagon, half-moon, bar, and triangle charms. All necklace charm designs come in both yellow and white gold.

Apart from the turquoise collection, Clover Lane Jewelry also offers other jewelry pieces that feature precious stones and materials such as onyx, marbles, and crystals. Similar to the new Turquoise Collection, these precious pieces are also made to give back and make customers feel good knowing that they helped feed a person in need. The beautiful Clover Lane Jewelry pieces are available for viewing and purchase through its website,

About Clover Lane Jewelry

Clover Lane Jewelry offers a variety of stylish, modern, and affordable jewelry pieces that give back to the community. The company donates a portion of its products’ proceeds to a charity within its customer’s community to help provide wholesome meals to the needy.

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