USA Based Offers an Innovative Way to Explore the Thoughts and Emotions of Pet Animals

September 06 23:54 2021 is an innovative combination of entertainment and horoscope wisdom. It’s a fun way to learn about the likings and distinctive behavior of pet animals.

Florida, USA – Reading a horoscope is an integral part of the morning routine for many people. This is because it’s fun to have a bit of insight into what celestial forces have in store for them on a specific day or in a week. When thinking about your zodiac sign, it could be worth considering the astrological sign of your furry friend too. If you have ever wondered what your pet is thinking, or made an effort to understand how he/she is feeling, you are definitely going to love what has to offer. The USA based startup is making headlines with its innovative concept of exploring the thoughts and emotions of pet animals.


“Animals have a plethora of emotions, but often they cannot verbally express themselves. My goal is to provide a platform for pet and horoscope lovers where they can get an entertaining insight into the unique behavior of their favorite animal companion,” says Tristram Himmele, founder and CEO of “This project is very close to my heart as I want every pet owner to dig deeper into the horoscope world. It is about exploring this fun way of looking at stars to find out the answers to the unexplainable behavior of animals.”

The story of My Pets Horoscope begins with Tristram’s desire to listen to the voice of these voiceless creatures. He always wondered what his dog was thinking and whether she was happy, sad, hungry, or needed something. If only she could talk and express her emotions, it would be much easier to understand her unique personality, behavior, and mood swings. Tristram was determined to find the best possible way that could help him learn about what was going inside that little head. His desire to understand her completely and gain insight into her motives lead to the creation of a pet horoscope website. The aim was to enable every pet lover to learn more about their pet’s particular traits and behavior in an entertaining way. That’s how My Pets Horoscope, fun, and endlessly interesting site, was born.

In order to give this horoscope work a proper structure, more momentum, reliability, and visibility, Tristram has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise $ 60,000. With the raised funds, Tristram will:

• Give a final touch to the website

• Design fun clothing

• Create engaging and meaningful content to upgrade the subscriber’s experience.

• Hire a brand consultant for website advertisements to help his brand grow and foster deep relationships with his audience.

Tristram will be offering some exciting rewards to express appreciation to the potential backers.

To learn more about Kickstarter campaign or to extend your support to this interesting project, you can visit the Kickstarter Campaign Page or website.

About My Pets Horoscope is a US-based startup that provides an innovative combination of entertainment and horoscope wisdom. Founded by Tristram Himmele, it offers a fun way to learn about the likings and distinctive behavior of pet animals.

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