Ruby Entertainment Group Helping Talents Maximize Their Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

January 14 23:39 2022
Ruby Entertainment Group Helping Talents Maximize Their Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Seeing the vast opportunities that abound in the entertainment industry, it is hard for any visionary not to have their sights set on the different ways to step in and scoop up all the opportunities. Third year entertainment law student Bailey Rae Harrison is one of such visionaries taking bold steps early enough to make an impact in the entertainment world for talents. She launched Ruby Entertainment Group to serve as the umbrella company to render all talent management, legal, and career development services.

Ruby Entertainment Group offers management services to artists still building their careers and growing in the entertainment industry. The company offers guidance and support to artists with the goal of helping them achieve their goals from getting collaborations to getting their music on playlists and going on tours, among others. Describing her motivation for establishing Ruby Records, Bailey Rae Harrison said: “I realized many talented artists just do not have any guidance, and are trying their best with no results. The music industry is tough as is, and so much talent is wasted due to lack of connections in the industry or money. Also, there are so many scam companies out there, but I ensure all my service partners are legitimate and we work tirelessly until the artists reach their goals.”

Beyond guidance and management services, Ruby Entertainment Group plans for the future include establishing a full-fledged record label, signing upcoming artistes and building their careers to a level where they can sell out venues and shows. The ultimate goal for Ruby Records is to be a company helping artistes in diverse ways and growing alongside the artistes.

Although Bailey Rae Harrison has worked in the film sector of entertainment, she discovered early that her passion lay in music and working with artists. This prompted her to take up artist management, and as a law student, she knows she wants more for herself than being boxed in the four walls of the legal walls. While she hopes to take the California Bar exam in future, fleshing out Ruby Records as an autonomous successful company is top of her priority list right now.

Ruby Records targets every talented person seeking some structure for their career and talent management ranging from musicians to actors, influencers, and comedians. With the founder having a solid law background, Ruby Records will also handle legal services, covering contracts and negotiations and taking out the need to hire an attorney.

At Ruby Records, talent is not enough; the founder believes in doing the bulk of the work behind the scenes to present a strong front through the artist in public. For the next five years, the company’s focus will be on growth and expansion. The talent roster is also expected to expand to cover all types of talents with managers assigned to them. “Ruby Records is well-positioned to become a one-stop-shop for all the services talents need to grow their career. Eventually, we will grow the music side of the company to become a record label but first, the groundwork is to secure the management part of the company,” Bailey said.

Learn more about Ruby Records on the company’s official website.

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