Design for living on wheels – Mobitecture results announced.

January 14 23:48 2022
UNI organised the international design competition.

Anemone- one of the top entries

The world’s urban population already at more than 50% of the total world population is projected to multiply many folds in the very near future. We have the freedom to revisit the evolutionary choices made by our forefathers, we have the freedom to question the wisdom of our stationery, sedentary and synthetic lifestyle that we are caught up in. We have the option to fall in line with other forms of life that inhabit the planet earth and restart living in harmony with the immediate and distant natural forces.

The ongoing Pandemic has also brought into sharp focus the fragility of the human condition. In particular, it has reminded us of the need to be prepared for adjusting the way we live and organize our habitat, to be ever ready to adapt to myriad challenges brought about by the unpredictable forces of nature or by the self-destructive actions of humans.

This competition was about designing a concept of Mobitecture – ‘Habitat on the move.’ It could be a device for living with no wheels, one or two wheels, three wheels, four wheels or more, could be water, ice, or airborne. It could be none of these, a combination of any or all of these. Powered by hands, feet, propellers, sun, wind in conjunction with means and mediums mechanical, digital, robotic, or AI-driven. The user group was to be a family of four with all basic needs fulfilled within a maximum area of 10 sq. meters.

Armadicar- one of the top entries

The jury for the competition consisted of esteemed designers, professionals, and academicians from around the world. The Lead Jurors for the competitions were as follows: 

Janet Salem, Programme Officer, Innovation for Circular Economy at United Nations

Alireza Taghaboni, Architect, Founder Next Office, Tehran, Iran

Iftikhar Chishti, Founder, StudioiF, New Delhi, India

Monish Siripurapu, Founding Partner/Principal Architect, ANT Studio

James Law, Founder, Chairman & CEO, James Law Cybertecture, HK

Some of the Best of competition projects are:

Winning Project: 2121: A SKY NOMADS

By: Wai Hin Wong, Chen Huang & Sam Iwas

Description: An advanced aircraft, WC-260 Hercules, and a group of engineers rebuild atmospheric oxygen levels by spreading genetically modified seeds to the air. After the time of Earth’s geomagnetic reversal, they are the only hope to rescue human civilization.

Runner Up: Mobitecture

By: David Huntly-Grant

Description: MOBITECTURE- *Habitat on the move* This mobile MODULE has as its main design approach the aspiration to be sustainable and mobile. It operates on the roof solar panels and therefore there will always be an ample amount of power from its ecological generated systems. This mobile module can be transferred anyway in Iceland.

Runner Up: Anemone

By: Kira Van Zyl

Description: The anemone is a means of finding a home in nature without harming it, but instead nurture it. It draws inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between sea anemones and clownfish, a system in which both species benefit from co-existing. This concept is applied to the environment and humans in order to foster a generative cycle of inhabitation.

Honorable Mention: Post-Scarce Carriage

By: John Dimopoulos & Ektoras Boltsis

Description: Post-scarce carriage is a nomadic modular habitat based on principles of communal living that transcend the urban-rural distinction. It is conceived in a hope-punk frame of reference and proposes an alternative to the typical sci-fi dystopian imagery on technology and its implications.

Honorable Mention: Amphibia

By: Clara de Souza Gomes & Kevyn Igor Lopes Bortolotti

Description: A mobile home for four. Derived from amphibians, which are vertebrate animals that stand out for having species that spend part of their life cycle in water and an other part in the terrestrial environment.

Honorable Mention: CATERPIE HAUS

By: Euna Song

Description: This project begins with observation of these biological movements. Movement is thought to be the biggest characteristic of living things. The caterpillar has a special movement. It gains momentum through special physical movements of the whole body, not simply through the rotational motion of partial joints.

Honorable Mention: Minima

By: Akansha Pandey

Description: Minima is a cleverly compact and crafted small footprint home catering to all the basic needs of a family of four. It is characterized by an easy assemble and disassemble process, a compact and flexible structure catering to the basic needs of all the members.

Honorable Mention: AMPHI-BAYS

By: Meera Jayakumar

Description: Inspired by mother nature and human inventions, Amphi-Bays is a project with an eye on the future, to help our community prepare proactively from any setbacks that may be thrown upon us. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we adopted existing solutions in the manmade world and combined them with amphibian characteristics seen in our natural ecosystem.

Honorable Mention: HELIOS

By: Rohan Rahinwal & Swarnim Chandra

Description: HELIOS enables the occupants to step out of our bubble of existence, explore new landscapes and cultures without stepping outside the safety of their homes. Be it over land, water, or ice – being a hovercraft floating on a cushion of air – HELIOS allows the family of four to travel where their heart takes them, giving them access to unexplored regions.

Honorable Mention: O.N.I.S.-M.- The movable habitat

By: Ankit Jain & Prityaanshi Agarwal

Description: Off the grid. Nurturing. Inhabitant. Structure – Mobile O.N.I.S.-M. Is designed to incorporate technological advancements in a habitable environment creating a structure housing flexible and transforming spaces that mold the functions according to different needs of the user resulting in a highly functional habitat that promotes off-the-grid living.

People’s Choice: Armadicar

By: Haqi Abdullah

Description: To overcome the unpredictable disasters occurring on this planet, Armadicar – a mobile habitat inspired by Armadillo – provides an adaptive dwelling in a minimum space. With customizable interior elements, openings and boundaries, Armadicar accommodates four-member family activities during days and nights, on land and water surface in a sustainable way.

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