Australian Man Took Over 650 Cold Showers In 2021, Here’s What He Learned

January 14 21:04 2022
Australian Man Took Over 650 Cold Showers In 2021, Here's What He Learned
Paul Juchima shares his experiences about the 650 cold showers he had in 2021.

The Australian entrepreneur Paul Juchima tells what he learned from the 650 cold showers in 2021. That combined with over 400 cold showers in 2020 takes his total tally of cold showers in two years to more than 1000, and what started as a mental experiment has resulted in significant improvements in his personal life and career.

“It’s Mission Accomplished,” says Paul Juchima. “I took over 650 cold showers in 2021 and NOT ONE warm shower. It feels great to have smashed my 2020 number of over 400 cold showers.”⁣

Paul says he started having cold showers from the first of January 2020. His mission then was to have one cold shower every day of the year. He began with a one-minute warm shower for the first four months of 2020 and then finished with a one-minute cold shower. After four months and for the next eight months of 2020, he only had cold showers for the rest of the year, reaching over 400 cold showers.⁣

“For 2021, I wanted to up the ante by 50 percent to reach 600 cold showers,” Paul added. “I ended up with over 650, almost two per day. In fact, there were only 35 odd days I didn’t have two cold showers.” 

Paul Juchima’s cold shower routine isn’t there to break records. It’s his method of achieving personal and professional growth. According to Paul, cold showers elevate mental toughness, improve ability to take action, and increase motivation. This has led to major business breakthroughs and expansion for both Paul and his clients, with that one small step setting him up for success daily. Other benefits include improved recovery after exercise, circulation and look of the skin and better sleep. 

Starting every single day with a small win has transformed his outlook and output an exceptional amount. 

Paul says there were constant challenges every day to get into the shower, turn on the cold water, and have a proper shower. It involves mental training and can result in incredible mental health benefits.

About Paul Juchima:

Paul Juchima is passionate about entrepreneurship and has been leading a successful entrepreneur life for many years. He helps brands to grow their business by providing the mindset training and growth strategies needed to break through to new levels. His philosophy is that anything is possible with self-belief, goals, and the right mindset. 

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