Tipton Law LLC Launches as Colorado’s Newest Personal Injury Law Firm

January 14 21:08 2022
Tipton Law LLC Launches as Colorado's Newest Personal Injury Law Firm
The new law firm was established in Colorado by its founding partners, Jeremy and Amanda Tipton, to offer legal representation to victims of automobile accidents battling with insurance companies for maximum compensation

January 14, 2022 – Tipton Law is delighted to announce that it is open for business!  Colorado victims of motor vehicle accidents can retain the firm’s services to obtain compensation for their injuries and to hold at-fault drivers responsible for their actions. As the firm’s mission is to help victims become victors, Tipton Law is always discovering innovative ways for its clients to come out on top. To exemplify its desire to help accident victims, the firm offers free case evaluations led by trusted attorneys, where they will lend a listening ear and explain how their representation can add value to victims’ claims.  

According to Tipton Law, accidents are nearly inevitable occurrences throughout the course of a person’s life. Although Colorado law has put measures in place to make the impact on the lives of victims less horrific, at-fault drivers who cause these accidents often try to avoid taking responsibility. Additionally, insurance companies that insure the at-fault drivers have developed a reputation for trying to minimize or avoid their legal obligations to compensate the injured party. Common tactics of insurance companies include shifting blame to the injured party and undervaluing their physical injuries and emotional trauma. These and other similar tactics can make the entire compensation process feel frustrating and humiliating for victims and their families. Despite insurance companies’ best efforts to save every penny, victims can still become victors with the right legal representation. 

Tipton Law prides itself on developing unique strategies geared specifically to each client’s set of circumstances. The attorneys here understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to personal injury cases can prevent clients from maximizing the value of their insurance claims. The attorneys are also efficient, effective, and accurate in the work they do, and they possess the requisite knowledge in overcoming the at-fault party’s defenses in court. The firm further provides honest case assessments, maintains a collaborative firm culture, and stays in consistent communication with clients in order to help them reach their goals. 

When asked to summarize what Tipton Law can offer to personal injury victims, Jeremy and Amanda Tipton have stated, “At Tipton Law, we will fight for you! We understand how insurance companies evaluate claims and we will not be bullied by them. We are litigators and we are more than capable of going to trial, if necessary, and achieving successful results.”

Tipton Law provides legal representation for the following practice areas: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, slip and falls, hit and run accidents, and accidents causing traumatic brain injuries. Anyone in need of a personal injury attorney can simply visit Tipton Law’s website and fill out the case evaluation form to get a free case assessment by a trusted attorney. 

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