Remote Water Treatment Services Delivers Preventative Maintenance for Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems to Mitigate Environmental and Safety Risks

January 14 22:10 2022

Water Treatment Systems

RWTS Preventative Maintenance provides added assurance that your asset is regularly monitored and serviced to avoid any expensive environmental or safety violations. RWTS offers regular wastewater treatment system maintenance and support for an array of different types and scales of installations.

The company offers a range of preventative maintenance packages, catering to the needs of all different types and scales of water and wastewater treatment installations. RWTS is NATA accredited, and its technicians are qualified in all aspects of water and wastewater treatment systems design, installation, operation, inspection, monitoring, repair, and management.   

Water Treatment Companies

RWTS preventative maintenance ensures you have a technician regulating monitoring and performing maintenance checks on your water or wastewater treatment plant so that any problems can be identified early, before they become costly or have environmental consequences. 

As Australia’s trusted water treatment company you can be reassured that your water treatment plant maintains 100% clean drinkable water and is not impacted by faulty equipment or environmental conditions. 

Industrial Water Treatment

Servicing and maintaining your water or wastewater infrastructure regularly will ensure its lifelong protection and sustainability. Remote Water Treatment Services’ experienced maintenance and operations division can provide just that – proactive support to optimize the performance of your investment.

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Water Systems:

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis


RWTS’s reverse osmosis systems provide a reliable supply of safe drinking water to sustain regional and accommodation communities around Australia and the Pacific. Our reverse osmosis systems use modern technology to treat water for human consumption.

Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Australia

Remote Water Treatment Services is committed to complying with all national, regional, and council relevant regulations and legislation, including The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). They provide peace of mind by preventing expensive environmental or safety violations that could arise from neglecting assets’ preventive maintenance service appointments.

RWTS understands your water treatment needs. 

Their team is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, to respond quickly and provide necessary maintenance for any size system – from small community water treatment plants up through large wastewater treatment systems! They work with each client every step of the way, so that when it comes time for an emergency breakdown or regular service call- their clients can depend on them always being there. Furthermore, they have remote access through their PLC technology to assist with system alarms and issues at a touch of a button. 

​​Wastewater Treatment System Refurbishment 

Don’t need a complete turnkey system but considering refurbishment? Let RWTS breathe life into your existing water treatment plant with a personalised solution, optimised for your unique site requirements. Working closely with experienced environmental engineers, our qualified technicians will refurbish your existing plant whilst ensuring that relevant council environmental approvals are secured and site compliance is upheld. to

Remote Water Treatment Services is proud to be Australia’s water treatment solution provider. 

RWTS vision is to be the leader in short and long-term turnkey wastewater and water solutions in Australia and the Pacific. They foster their in-house professional expertise, extensive knowledge of designing and constructing wastewater and water treatment solutions to ensure our clients receive a tailored service that meets all vast project requirements.

Remote Water Treatment Services focus is on technical performance, 100% quality and safety compliance, and responsibility in adopting environmentally sustainable practices in our operations. From drinking and process water to sewage and wastewater treatment, RWTS has a wide range of systems, designed to meet various site-specific wastewater and water sources.

Remote water treatment services are an essential part of modern life. 

Whether it’s a small treatment plant or a large-scale commercial system, it’s essential that it operates well and RWTS will put together a maintenance service package to ensure your system is:

  • Ensuring water quality and protecting the environment
  • Producing high quality potable and drinking water
  • Ticking the boxes for council compliance and department regulations

At RWTS we understand the challenges of supporting and maintaining water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. Our emergency breakdown and support crew are quick to respond, providing 24-hour emergency response services and ongoing support to ensure consistent, reliable operation and optimal performance of your water treatment systems.

Want to secure the quality of your water or wastewater system investment and ensure greater productivity? The RWTS Maintenance and Operations division can provide preventative servicing to optimize the performance of your system. Contact us today!

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