California-based producer KILLAIMIJ plans to make a big impact in dancehall music with his KillaImij Records imprint

May 09 22:00 2022

“We’re bringing a fresh new sound with an authentic dancehall vibe. Our productions are going to take dancehall music in a new direction. KillaImij is going to take things to a higher level,” he said. The producer, who lists producers such as Dave Kelly, Don Carleone, Rvssian and JayCrazie among his musical influences, is looking forward to the release of his debut rhythm project titled ‘Clock Tick’. The project is slated to be released before the end of March.

“This is the first project for the label, and as you can imagine the whole team is excited about it. We’re going to push it really hard to make it a hit,” said the producer. KILLAIMIJ also has several other upcoming projects which he plans to drop later this year.

“We’re doing a lot of work in the studios right now and we have a lot of singles to put out for several artistes. We’re also working on EP projects for 9Grainz and Gaza Kym. We’re going to drop a lot of projects this year,” he said.

KILLAIMIJ was born in Kingston Jamaica as Sheldon Thaxter, but grew up in Portland. He’s a graduate of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education and was a US Marine.

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