Publishers and eBook Writers Can Sell eBooks Online on FlipHTML5

June 06 22:32 2022
Publishers and eBook Writers Can Sell eBooks Online on FlipHTML5
Create, publish and sell ebooks online with FlipHTML5. Easy and free!
FlipHTML5 is one of the leading digital publishing platforms used by self-publishers and alike to create page-turning ebooks and sell ebooks online with no commission fee.

As the world evolves and becomes increasingly digital, publishing and reading have changed too. eBooks are now more popular than printed versions and people buy books online instead of in a physical bookstore. Writers and publishers have had to adjust to this new way of getting their content to their target audiences. This means they’re always on the lookout for the best way to sell eBooks online. FlipHTML5 has proven to be an ideal way to do so, even offering the tools to create more engaging eBooks.

FlipHTML5 offers more than a place to sell eBooks online. It’s a comprehensive digital publishing tool that converts static PDFs to attractive, feature-rich flipbooks and then provides the means to publish them. A writer simply needs to upload a PDF version of their eBook to FlipHTML5 and it will be automatically converted in minutes. They can pick a template, theme, or background to enhance the eBook’s appearance as well as add a clickable table of contents and thumbnails for easy navigation.

FlipHTML5 also lets writers add multimedia like audio, video, animations, and hyperlinks to their eBooks. Today’s audiences crave such content so including them makes it easier to sell eBooks online. Writers and publishers can also customize their eBooks’ toolbars and add branding options to the eBooks. The eBook can flip vertically or horizontally.

Once a writer has modified their eBook to their satisfaction, they’re ready to sell eBooks online. FlipHTML5 charges no commission – the full sale amount goes to the publisher’s PayPal account. The process is simple – set up an account, start the IPN service in their PayPal account, add the PayPal information to FlipHTML5, and begin selling. Publishers have access to various settings including setting pages for preview. Only logged-in FlipHTML5 users who have bought the book can read it in its entirety.

FlipHTML5 also has other features that writers will find useful when they sell eBooks online. Multiple SEO options ensure that the eBook can be found easily on search engines. And Google Analytics is integrated so publishers can get vital customer insight data.

“FlipHTML5 isn’t just designed to create captivating eBooks, it’s also the perfect way to sell eBooks online,” says Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5.

More information on how to sell eBooks online is available on FlipHTML5.

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