Transforming Trauma Is A New Book That Helps People Lead A Trauma-Free Life

June 06 23:32 2022
Written by multiple best-selling authors, this book offers advice to free yourself from the hold of trauma and heal.

Transforming Trauma: Inspiring Stories & Powerful Tools for Manifesting Peace, Hope & Healing (In the We Are Rising Series) is a book written by multiple best-selling authors including Nunaisi Ma, Dr. Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Lion Goodman, Lori Monty, Sue Holmes, Yvonne Aileen, Tracey Gazel, Lisa Cleminson Grezo, Olga Brooks, Dr. John F Demartini, Christy Whitman, Alena Gomes, Dr. Ashley Ghose, and Sabine Thomas. 

The book has N.Y. Times Bestselling authors like Marci Shimoff, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini, and Christy Whitman. These experts share their wisdom on living well. 

It is a proven fact that Trauma of any kind, childhood trauma, traumatic events, or generational Trauma leads to emotional pain. The only way out of this cycle is by healing Trauma. In healing your emotional self, you will discover your light and the freedom in your heart. 

This book offers the keys to unlocking your brilliance and access to your awakening, transformation, and growth.  

This multi-author book shows you how you can reach within and uncover your hidden gems of courage and strength. With this self-development book, you will discover teachings, transmissions, and messages for returning to wholeness. 

Transforming Trauma helps heal Trauma from the inside out. Each chapter in the book has tools, methods, and simple lessons that help reinvent the path to true happiness and success.

Nunaisi Ma said, “Trauma is not anyone’s fault. Healing is your responsibility. It is much simpler than one may think.” 

Nunaisi Ma started the R.I.S.E. Movement to support one million people to rise to their fullest potential. R.I.S.E. stands for: Remember Why you Came Here; You have a Soul Purpose and a Sacred Mission that Only You Can Bring into the World. Inspire Others by Being Yourself and Shining; Authentic and Vulnerable, Human and Divine. Share Your Story and Your Heart; The Wisdom you Gained through Your Life Journey is Gold. Elevate  Others to RISE.

The book is storytelling, partly a workbook and partly a mentorship manifesto. It shows how to lead a trauma-free life.

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About Transforming Trauma:

Emotional pain is caused by different kinds of Trauma. Healing trauma is the only way out of this cycle. Transforming Trauma gives people the keys to their brilliance, allowing them to access awakening, transformation, and growth.

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