The New Refrigerator Defrost Booster Kit Is Set To Solve The Ice Buildups Problems In Big Brand Refrigerators

June 06 23:42 2022
The New Refrigerator Defrost Booster Kit Is Set To Solve The Ice Buildups Problems In Big Brand Refrigerators
Their upgrade kit is compatible with most Samsung French Door Refrigerators and offers an automatic permanent solution to any ice build-ups and fan noise issues.

Samsung refrigerator defrost problem has been a long-standing issue for people who own Samsung or Kenmore refrigerators designed by Samsung. This often leaves users scrambling for a solution that is now finally available in the form of Invertec’s Refrigerator Defrost Booster kit. With or without a defrost sensor, this ice build-up and noises repair kit is finally solving the long-standing problems with Samsung refrigerators and has been gaining some rave reviews from its customers.

As evident, the defrost issue with Samsung-designed refrigerators often leaves people to play the waiting game as to when ice would build up around the fan and start that dreadful noise. This often makes Samsung’s refrigerators ice up as people switch to drastic solutions such as using a hair drier to clear out the ice build-ups.

Invertec’s Refrigerator Defrost Booster is giving customers an automatic and permanent solution to this infuriating issue through their wonder kit, which can stop the fridge from forming ice and freezing up. Priced at just 69.71 CAD without the sensor and at $87.50 CAD with the extended sensor, Invertec Ice Build Up Repair Kit is also available with supporting accessories, making it easier for the customers to install the defrost booster themselves.

While Invertec is offering a brand installation service, this is a complete DIY kit that can be installed in just a few simple steps. First, disconnect the sensor and move the coil slightly to the right. Put the heater underneath the coil and slide it in until it fits perfectly. Now, reconnect the sensor and push it down into the original position. To keep the heater in place, use the little connectors provided with the kit.

One of their customers writes, “First let me thank you…. I guess.. Because it was always a waiting game to when ice would build-up around the fan and start that dreadful noise, the “I’m killing your fan.” There was SO much relief when I discovered your site and your fix to my issue. Well, I bought it immediately, and you shipped it just as fast. I installed it, and finally, the waiting game is all but over.”

Interested customers can buy the Invertec’s Refrigerator Defrost Booster Kit at

Invertec’s Refrigerator Defrost Booster Kit is also available on eBay and Amazon.

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