Author’s Tranquility Press Works With Greg Mulligan To Promote Predator in a Dress

August 31 21:44 2022
Author’s Tranquility Press Works With Greg Mulligan To Promote Predator in a Dress
Divorce attorney and author, Greg Mulligan, gets support from Author’s Tranquility Press as he explores the profitability of divorce to women in his book titled “Predator in a Dress”

Greg Mulligan has taken a huge step towards protecting men from the exploitation of women who marry with the primary goal of getting a divorce and enjoying the gains that come from it with the release of the book, Predator in a Dress. In a related development, the author recently got the backing of Author’s Tranquility Press to help get the book to as many readers as possible across the globe.

Author’s Tranquility Press has grown to become one of the most sought-after publicity and media agencies specializing in the promotion of quality content to readers worldwide. The versatility of the company and commitment to helping writers reach their target audience has again been substantiated by the partnership with Greg Mulligan for his book titled Predator in a Dress.

Greg brings his experience as a Minnesota divorce attorney to bear, with the book inspired by the unmitigated bias shown by judges against men in custody hearings. Consequently, he decided to detail the exploits of women as they try to milk their ex-husbands dry by winning custody of the children and getting support payments for the next fifteen years and spousal maintenance. According to the author, such women give highly rehearsed testimonies to win cases, with their husbands watching on as they display their theatrics.

Predator in a Dress is currently available in paperback, Kindle, and hardcover formats for men who want to protect themselves from possible losses as a result of custody hearings.

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About Greg Mulligan

Greg Mulligan is an attorney with years of experience handling divorce cases and family law. He owns a law office and has been helping families get a fair judgment on cases. Greg aims to touch on different legal issues as a writer, leveraging his experience in and out of the courtroom.

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