Ciarra Launches the First and Ever Bespoke Decorative Smart Island Hood With HEPA + Plasma+ Technologies

August 31 21:48 2022
‘Not your ordinary cooker hood’ now introducing Ciarra INFINITY 3-in-1 smart decorative hood

Ciarra is pleased to announce the Red Dot winning product – “Ciarra INFINITY” this 3-in-1 cooker hood is the first-ever island cooker hood with a Plasma+ system and H13 HEPA filter. The product comes in a unique cylinder shape design that redefines the perception of what a cooker hood could look like. The appliance has an incredibly high capacity to sieve tiny particles from the air at a tremendous rate.

As the leading technological product with an incredibly creative design, Ciarra INFINITY is a cutting-edge recirculation hood designed to capture and eliminate up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and germs from the air and vent grease, smoke, cooking smell, and offensive odor. Built with the exchangeable H13 HEPA filters, the decorative cooker hood arrests pollutants that cause allergies and asthma and traps small particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. These particles include aerosols, asbestos, pollen, fungal spores, fine dust, mite excrement, etc. Once these particles are captured, the air is completely filtered to create a pleasant environment.

Ciarra INFINITY is not an ordinary cooker hood. Outside of cooking, Ciarra INFINITY 3-in-1 is an excellent air purifying device with two different filters for various use, and it can simply change the grease filter to the H13 HEPA filter for air purifying. As a highly innovative product, Ciarra INFINITY is a high-tech product that works to push air through the H13 HEPA filter, which captures polluted air before releasing new, purified air into the kitchen or any enclosed space. It is well worth mentioning that more companies within the industry have endorsed H13 HEPA.

Ciarra INFINITY has an 8-layer mesh stainless steel grease filter. The benefits of a grease filter cannot be overemphasized as it traps highly combustible grease deposits from kitchen ducts and exhaust tools. It is well worth mentioning that they are good for lifelong use and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Ciarra INFINITY 3-in-1 is designed with the novel Plasma+ system. When odours and scents molecule chains pass through an electrified plasma environment with 3000V, the molecules are disintegrated and oxidized through a plasma chemical reaction and converted into fresh oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. “When this process is done, you will get clean air recirculated back to your kitchen and living room,” said the company’s R&D team.

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Asides from its intrinsic features, Ciarra INFINITY has a striking exterior with pristine beauty. It uses an RGB colour-changing LED ring light with a beyond-thought colour hue that allows users to effortlessly change the color and dimmable levels. “The decorating ambient light makes the INFINITY cooker hood more fabulous and unique when used as a decorative lamp.”

Ciarra INFINITY was born from long periods of research and imaginative thinking. In their attempt to make an entirely different cooker hood from existing catalogs, the innovative team came up with the cylinder-shaped cooker hood, which offers loads of practical benefits. Nobody might have expected it, but with Ciarra INFINITY 3 in 1, a new generation of cooker hoods requiring no external outlet emerged. They can simply hang off the ceiling, suck in impure air, and let out fresh air. Compared to existing catalogs, it takes up less space and works well in the kitchen and living spaces as an air purifier.

As a company, Ciarra bases its whole identity on delivering intuitive kitchen appliances as well as the capacity to help consumers achieve quality air in their homes. In addition to its impressive inventory, the company is confident in its competence and backs it up with the slogan, “Ciarra is care, care is in the AIR.”

Ciarra is regarded as the future of kitchen appliances. To find out more about “Ciarra INFINITY 3-in-1,” or the company in general, use the media outlets below:

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