Best Entry and Extension Solutions for the Citizens of Slovenia

August 31 22:08 2022

Citizens of Slovakia and those travelling with a Slovak passport have been able to apply for an Indian visa using an online system since 2014. This visa to India allows visitors from Slovakia and other countries to stay in India for up to 90 days within a 180 day period. These short-term trips might span anywhere from 30 days to 180 days altogether, depending on the cause for the stay. When applying for an electronic India Visa, Slovak citizens have five different options (India eVisa). Citizens of Slovakia may apply for an eVisa India online for travel to India for tourist, business, or medical reasons, as per the rules governing this kind of visa (either as a patient themselves or as a medical attendant or nurse accompanying another patient). The Indian Visa for Slovak Citizens is open.

Those from Slovakia planning a brief trip to India for tourism, socialising, visiting family, taking a crash course in yoga, or any of a number of other activities that don’t need them to stay longer than six months may now apply for what is called an eTourist Visa. Multiple entrances into India are permitted for a total of two separate visa lengths with this visa type, with the validity periods ranging from one month (double entry) to five years.

Slovak citizens may use this online form to apply for an Indian visa; those whose applications are approved will get electronic visas that can be printed at home. The technique has been simplified so that even a child in Slovakia can follow it. The India Immigration Authority has decided to stop granting 1-year and 5-year e-Tourist Visas as of 2020 due to the entrance of the COVID19 epidemic. The India Immigration Authority only issues 30-day tourist visas online at this time. Read on to learn about the different visas, their validity periods, and the options for extending your stay in India.But How to extend Indian Visa?

Following the 2020 COVID pandemic, the Indian government no longer issues the 1- or 5-year tourist visas that were previously available. Only applications for 30-day tourist visas (eVisa India) will be accepted.

Visitors who want to remain in the country for more than 30 days must apply for either a business or medical visa.

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