Language Service Provider Saltlux Partners Is Rebranding To MOBICO by Saltlux Innovation

November 15 15:57 2022
Saltlux Partners is an industry leader in language services and has been for the last 43 years. They recently announced a corporate rebrand, marking a new milestone in the company’s development in recent years.

Numbers from Statista show massive growth in the language services market across the globe as the world becomes more connected. Currently valued at over $60 billion, the technological advances in this industry are projected to grow that value to almost $100 billion in the next decade. 

Saltlux Partners is embracing these changes with a corporate rebrand to MOBICO by Saltlux Innovation, saying, “The new brand identity came at a crucial time as Saltlux corporate is thriving for global expansion by taking a fresh looking with the adoption of advanced technologies.”

Changes that began in March 2022

In March of this year, Saltlux partnered with several other industry leaders to develop the new Saltlux Innovation. Their language service was named MOBICO by Saltlux Innovation, with the name originating all the way back to technology translation and electronic publishing in 1979. 

“Despite the constant changes, we’re determined to maintain our service quality and save the best rates for our clients. We take pride in building on the solid foundation of trust and ethical standards developed by their team members, clients, community partners, government officials, and other important stakeholders. And we will continue to thrive for a better and more innovative future as was named.” said the General Manager of MOBICO – Kim Young Taek.

MOBICO has a track record of excellence with multiple awards for their stringent quality control methods and standards. They were the recipient of two ISO certificates and have earned the trust of several renowned organizations, such as the Globalization and Localization Association and the Japanese Translation Federation. 

MOBICO’s translation services process an average of 60,000 words in a single day and 15,500,000 words each year. They work with multiple fields, such as life science, medicine, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. 


MOBICO is trusted by governments, international organizations, non-profits, and numerous big-name brands. The rebrand promises continuous growth and improvements to an already excelling platform. 

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