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Top 5 Applications Of Medical Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs

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Top 5 Applications Of Medical Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs

November 17
13:08 2022

Medical disposable oral care sponge swabs has been widely used in daily life. Sponge swabs are very suitable for oral care and cleaning for specific group of people due to unique physical properties of sponge material. Here the top five applications are explained in terms of oral care.

1. Children from 1 to 5 years oldAs the teeth of the children at this stage are not fully developed, and the gums and the inner wall of the mouth are more delicate, so it is easy to damage the gums by using a toothbrush. Its unique absorbency and softness enable the sponge stick to effectively clean the baby’s oral stains, adsorb phlegm and avoid rubbing the gums and the inner wall of the mouth, which can effectively avoid gum bleeding.

2. Women during the menstrual periodFor mothers who have just given birth, especially those who have had a planed birth, foam tip cleaning swabs sponge stick can perfectly substitute toothbrushes because it’s not convenient to brush teeth on their own during the menstrual period. Sponge swabs are economical and practical.

3. Critically ill patients who hardly can take care of themselvesNormal people need to brush their teeth and keep their mouths clean every day. Patients in intensive care units and other patients who cannot clean their mouths on their own also need oral care. The sponge stick can not only clean patients’ mouths and sputum stains well, but also greatly facilitate the nurses’ work.

4. Elderly who have lost part or all of their teethToothbrushes may not be suitable for all people, especially the elderly without teeth or with many teeth lost. In fact, it’s very inconvenient for them to use a toothbrush, whose brush head will easily cause gum damage or bleeding. Soft oral care sponge swabs can clean the mouth and play massage effect.

5. Pet oral cleaningSome people who like to have pets will also choose regular oral cleaning for their pets, to prevent excessive oral bacteria and bad breath. Compared to toothbrushes, disposable oral care sponge swabs are not only more economical and practical, but also more acceptable to pets.There are many other applications of sponge sticks, such as wound application, and cleaning of industrial machines, etc. If you want to know more about sponge sticks, just follow Mofolo Med!

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