Model Priya Jain Soars Above the Competition with Naked Lynx Loungewear

March 01 14:00 2023

Naked Lynx Loungewear is a luxury resort wear brand founded by the prolific model Priya Jain. Launched amidst the global pandemic of 2020 in New York City, the brand was partially conceived as a response to the widespread insecurity attending the global lockdown. The brand was also inspired by the model’s persistent nostalgia for the more optimistic and carefree days that preceded the pandemic. 

Although Priya couldn’t wish the pandemic away, nor mitigate the world’s newfound sense of insecurity, she could at least help other women to become more secure with themselves. Priya also wished to curate styles that would emphasize the importance of appreciating the present moment. This way, Priya hoped, her customers would feel less overwhelmed by the future’s many uncertainties. 

Having worked with the industry’s top photographers, such as Ash Gupta, and having lent her image to top luxury brands like Brilliant Carbon Jewelry, Priya had met with great success in the modeling world. In fact, Priya’s image became so in-demand that she was prominently featured in music videos for Snoop Dog and Monday Justice.

Through these remarkable experiences and professional gains, Priya learned that true self-assurance is not purely the result of social and material successes. In Priya’s experience, security with oneself is best achieved by locating the meeting point between aesthetic appeal and authenticity. It is not simply a matter of feeling comfortable in your own skin, Priya believes, but feeling that your clothing is a natural extension of yourself like a second skin. 

Priya also learned that happiness is not simply the culmination of external successes; it is partly dependent on finding the time to simply be. For Priya, this often means spending quality time with friends and family on sunny days, relaxing on seashell-adorned beaches or by poolsides, daydreaming. The company’s aim to facilitate inner peace through genuine relaxation informs every facet of their aesthetic and vibe. Priya knows from experience that the right material and fit for a garment can have transformative qualities. For this reason, the company is meticulous about finding just the right measurements and materials for their products, many of which are sourced from New York and Los Angeles. 

Priya is bicoastal, with homes in both New York City and Los Angeles. If Priya is not busy running her company from one of these two cities, she is most likely traveling outside of the country. A self-confessed “travel junkie,” Priya is often visiting the fashion capitals of Europe for inspiration. While she has been to Paris, London and various parts of Greece, she is unapologetically partial to Italy, especially the cities of Rome and Milan. Priya has also traveled to Japan, Cancun, India, Bora Bora and Anguilla. While she is always on the lookout for great fashion designers in other countries, she is also interested in the local flavors and feelings of places. Priya actively imbues her impressions of these places into her brand’s catalog. 

Naked Lynx Loungewear’s catalog includes high quality leopard tops, champagne cheeky bottoms, silk robes, satin robes, and many other products designed to heighten both personal appeal and self-assurance. The company has described their products as being “for the babe that likes to be seaside in Malibu or poolside in the Hamptons.” Their products, however, are suited to all women who want to feel good in their own skin and garments, who want to relax and enjoy the good things in life, and who want to look great while they’re doing it. Priya founded Naked Lynx Loungewear to combat the negative feelings that the pandemic foisted upon many. Even in times of relative calm and safety, it always pays to treat yourself to relaxation, confidence boosts and great style. Naked Lynx Loungewear is the gold standard for all of these.



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