Say Goodbye to PTSD, Anxiety, and More – Introducing The Revolutionary PEMF Device

March 02 21:45 2023

Mark L. Fox, a renowned rocket scientist, has recently invented a revolutionary new device, VIBE, that promises to provide users with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. This device, referred to as PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field), is quickly becoming the go-to solution for those seeking relief from ailments such as PTSD, Anxiety, Back Pain, Insomnia, Asthma, and Migraines. Unlike many traditional therapies and treatments, this pocket-sized, wireless device, requires no drugs or prescriptions nor any monthly fees.

Based on the principles of Resonance Frequency Therapy (RFT), this Pocket PEMF device works off of a series of copyrighted symphonic frequencies which mimic the pattern of healthy cells, allowing for them to heal. Technology that is backed by over 600 PubMedTM research studies, this is an exciting advancement for the health and wellness field. Mark explains that, “Through advanced digital technology and personal experience, the ‘Pocket’ PEMF device achieves a 92% success rate in reducing symptoms of PTSD and other ailments, while providing a simple, non-invasive solution.”

These frequencies have been found to have significant positive effects on both human and animal cell processes in the body. The unique aspect of this device is its ability to deliver specific pulsed electrical signals directly into the body’s cells at optimal levels for sustained periods of time without causing any damage or disruption to healthy cells.

This makes it particularly effective for providing relief for chronic illnesses like anxiety, insomnia, back pain, and asthma where traditional therapies may not be able to provide adequate relief. Additionally, the VIBE has also shown successful results in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. Highlighting the power of his revolutionary product, Mark says that daily, “22 military veterans, 15 first responders, 5 medical workers, and 2 active duty personnel succumb to suicide. If the VIBE can stop just one of these 44 suicides a day, then we have won!”

MJT, a satisfied VIBE Customer says, “Relief from PTSD and other medical ailments can be a difficult journey. Thankfully, this new device created by a rocket scientist with symphonic cell frequencies is now available for people who are looking for relief without the use of drugs or prescriptions. It is an exciting advancement for the medical field.”

To find more information about the VIBE, visit Resona.Health/Vibe10.

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