J Tizzle Muzic Announces new Solomon Single “Teach Me Love” to Drop March 8th

March 06 06:57 2023
Indianapolis R&B artist Solomon continues to innovate, spreading positivity and unity through mesmerizing music. His new song, “Teach Me Love,” continues his path to greatness.

Music with meaning. Music that touches the mind, the soul, and the heart. While new tracks are released by up-and-coming artists every day, these kinds of qualities are scarce. Unless you know where to look. Enter Indianapolis, Indiana, and rising R&B star vocalist Solomon. In exciting news, independent music label and acclaimed producer J Tizzle of J Tizzle Muzic has announced a March 8th, 2023 release of the latest Solomon single, “Teach Me Love.” The new single continues building off of the success of past Solomon releases that have firmly established him as an innovative, honest artist who pours his heart and soul into crafting music that helps spread love and unity. The excitement surrounding “Teach Me Love” is high among fans locally and nationwide.

“I am so happy to have had the opportunity to turn my vision into a reality through my music with the help of J Tizzle,” commented a clearly passionate Solomon. “I am so excited by the new single, and I think my current listeners will really appreciate it, and the song will also attract new fans as well!”

Solomon’s first EP, released in 2018, “Alive N Living,” was a critical success and helped establish his relationship with J Tizzle Muzic. The label has assisted him by releasing several singles and music videos since then, getting Solomon exposure nationally and internationally, on top of his significant local support base. All signs point towards “Teach Me Love,” building off of this success.

J Tizzle remarked, “People are looking for something fresh and positive, something new, but touch the same spots real R&B has always hit. Solomon is an amazing artist that accomplishes all of this and more. It is amazing to see him at work. Solomon is the bright future of R&B!”

The artist is also well-known as a potent live force, often playing in his native Indianapolis, along with a growing number of national shows. Expect this trend to only grow as the news about Solomon’s hypnotic and compelling R&B grows.

“Teach Me to Love” drops March 8th on all of the major platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Deezer. Check out the full list of where to download the song here.

Expect more from Solomon soon. 2023 is set to be an important year in the artist’s growth and development in the studio, online, and live!

For more information and the latest news from Solomon, be sure to visit https://www.solomonmusic.live.

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