Courtney Lazo, the founder of Aligned Babes, introduces Homecoming, a new personal growth online course that is helping people find the home within

March 08 03:57 2023

Homecoming encourages people to take ownership of their alignment journey by helping shift their mindset and perspective. “I am here to work with women who desire to come back to the home within themselves.”

Courtney Lazo, the founder of Aligned Babes and an online educator of all things healing, self-improvement, and human design, is excited to announce her new online course, Homecoming. Courtney is on a mission to help women rediscover the home within them. The detailed courses guide women through the process of self-discovery and making positive improvements in their lives. “I am dedicated, passionate, and excited about teaching you to come home to yourself,” says Courtney.

In a rush to satisfy every demanding aspect of life, many women have become estranged from the home within themselves. This disconnect causes feelings of being homesick as discarded parts of the soul and being call out for attention. With all the challenges facing people every day, staying healthy and finding a home within is more important than ever. Borrowing from her personal experiences, Courtney has dedicated her life to helping women take proactive steps that will help them begin and commit to their journey of self-discovery.

According to Courtney, transforming human design is crucial to developing personalized growth and development experiences. Aligned Babes calls for balance in women’s lives and teaches them how to become aligned through human design. “I am aware of how it feels to be unsettled, to not feel at home within yourself, and to have the desire to feel whole again,” says Courtney, “I believe in the personal journey of turning inward, surrendering, and self-reflection. Pursuing these practices is the beginning of learning how to call upon your inner voice to show you the way home.”

The journey back home begins with helping people remember who they truly are at the core. Each person’s human design is unique, and discovering this sets the stage for profound transformation to bring about self-love and self-acceptance. Aligned Babes unlocks people’s human design by allowing the body’s intelligence to guide the journey out of the mind and into the heart and body.

From there, Courtney teaches people how to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually align themselves. Leveraging each person’s unique human design, Aligned Babes can help people create an Aligned Blueprint that provides a map back to the home within whenever someone needs it. Finally, Homecoming teaches people to use their Aligned Blueprint to fulfill their purpose and live a fulfilling and successful life. The Homecoming course is designed to help people create an atmosphere of balance within every aspect of their being; this way, they can always show up as their truest, most authentic, and most vibrant selves.

Courtney structures her courses through a unique approach that helps women take small steps with significant impacts. The Homecoming course is beneficial to all women, but especially those who are struggling to find their way home to themselves.

Visit Aligned Babes for quick access to the Homecoming course and discover how to heal without pushing down the hurt. “No more living for everyone but yourself.

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