micro1 goes the extra mile to help companies hire the top 1% of engineers globally.

March 20 23:30 2023
micro1 helps companies hire and manage pre-vetted software engineering by sourcing and vetting top talent from 35 different countries.

micro1 aids companies in setting up their engineering team, taking care of the exhaustive process of hiring talent by thoroughly vetting engineers globally. 

About the Company

Founder of micro1, Ali Ansari, at the astounding age of 21, graduated a year early from UC Berkeley to build the company from scratch. 

Speaking to Ali himself, he stated: “As a computer science major, it was easy to notice the loopholes in the system. My aim with micro1 was to make the induction process easier for software engineers and companies looking to hire them. We act as a gateway, comprehensively examining engineers worldwide to ensure our clients get the best of the lot.”

With their growth rate consistently at 40% month over month, alongside 300 vetted engineers currently available in their global talent pool micro1 is a force to be reckoned with. They offer a 1-week free trial so companies can assess their credibility risk-free.

Extensive Hiring Process 

Companies have to jump through many hoops to hire fully remote engineers independently. From spending upwards of 30+ hours finding and assessing engineers worldwide to dealing with intricate international employment laws plus global payroll and benefits, it can get incredibly taxing, leaving little room for productive work. micro1 has a comprehensive and fool-proof multi-step vetting procedure that makes hiring extremely easy for clients.

They start by requesting engineers to apply online by sending in a 3-minute Loom video and reading through their resumes. By having applicants read the resumes, the team at micro1 can quickly gauge and filter according to their qualifications, experience, and communication skills. 

After reviewing the filtered applications, applicants are put through a 15-min screening call for further evaluation, followed by 1-2 Technical Interviews conducted by senior engineers part of the micro1 team.

Engineers who have passed the aforementioned assessments are finally put through a casual interview for an in-depth assessment of more personal skills like communication, drive, and demeanor. 

The engineers that make it through the selection process are highly-skilled individuals. However, to cover all bases, micro1 takes them through their ‘AI-Powered Engineer’ training which will familiarize and train them in programs like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and more.

Acquiring a Top-Notch Engineer

Hiring developers from micro1’s global pool of pre-vetted engineers is straightforward. Clients can choose from a list of requirements such as part-time or full-time employees or the number of engineers required. The website then provides them with a list of recommendations matching their needs. Candidates can then be interviewed by the company helping them assess and choose whoever suits them best. It only takes four days on average for micro1 to help clients find engineers. 

The company offers a rate of $34/hour on average; however, it may vary from one candidate to another. They also provide a management dashboard via which companies can oversee engineers’ performance, acquire weekly summaries, and more.

Amazing Employment Opportunities for Engineers

micro1 is well-suited for companies looking to hire developers and a great resource for talented engineers looking for employment. After completing the multi-step assessment process, the engineers are certified with access to renowned Silicon Valley companies. Developers are also guaranteed a stable income with fixed monthly salaries at fair rates, paid bi-weekly. 

For full-time developers, the company provides a long list of benefits, including Laptop credit, a Coding chair, Health Insurance, Physical and Mental Health costs, and many more. 

Positive Customer Reviews

micro1 boasts rave customer reviews with an astonishing 4.9 stars and 54 reviews on Clutch, rated as the #1 Business To Business company. 


micro1 is the perfect resource for software companies and engineers, providing administrative services to help hire and manage a team of developers. They provide engineers at reasonable rates for the first week free of cost.

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