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Luxvoni Marketing Solutions Is Celebrating An Incredible 92% Client Success Rate

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Luxvoni Marketing Solutions Is Celebrating An Incredible 92% Client Success Rate

March 31
22:24 2023
With more than a billion dollars in sales for their clients, Luxvoni’s revolutionary sales funnels has provided their clients with a 92% client success rate. Luxvoni has delivered outstanding results to more than 400 companies with their unique and proven approach.

Founded in 2015, Luxvoni has excelled at providing clients with better results than ever expected. With close to a decade in the business, Luxvoni’s sales funnels have created a 92% client success rate and $1.2 billion in sales. Twenty-six of their customers now have a seven-figure funnel, and nine have achieved an incredible eight-figure funnel. 

These results weren’t achieved by chance. Luxvoni executive, Steven Ray, recently sat down with one of the managing partners, Dakota Burford, to explain just how these results were achieved. 

Luxvoni’s unique and highly successful approach to marketing and sales conversions 

Luxvoni’s multi-faceted approach has been developed over time based on numerous factors. They begin by taking the time to form real relationships with each and every client. The company’s value of curiosity is crucial to them in asking questions to learn everything there is to know about each client.  

This curiosity extends to research. Luxvoni began its approach by creating a team dedicated to competitive analysis. This team looked at the sales funnels for some of the largest brands globally to see what makes them work. This team took apart each funnel, piece by piece, to develop a proven strategy for Luxvoni clients. Not only did they look at what was done well, but they also found where mistakes were made to ensure they didn’t repeat those same issues. Everything has been tested on larger clients with massive marketing budgets and then the data and KPI’s are transitioned into sales funnel strategies for clients with limited budgets. 

Traffic research is the next crucial step. All traffic coming into the funnel needs to be qualified for it to be successful. Everything from the type of ad to the individual social media platform is looked at to determine which ones bring in the most qualified traffic.  

The psychology and technology behind social media AIs and how it relates to potential customers are taken apart and carefully researched. How do the AI target people based on their buying behaviors? What type of people are interested in what a given client offers? This information becomes the basis for what ads are created and utilized.  

Luxvoni commits hours of work to each client before they ever sign on. Going into the initial consultation, they’ve already taken the time to research what methods will work. They determine what the client wants, whether increasing sales or expanding their business, to ensure the strategy being applied gives the desired results.  

Instead of salespeople, the people conducting these calls are coaches. Their role is to help teach and direct, not sell a potential customer on Luxvoni’s services. These coaches want to set clients up to succeed and give them full transparency into the process and what is being done for them.  

Finally, Luxvoni strongly focuses on its process and the employees that complete the steps. Instead of overburdening one person with numerous funnels to build on their own, they utilize an “assembly line” strategy where each person is dedicated to one piece of the whole process. One expert in each domain is assigned to each client to ensure the funnel is built perfectly and quickly.  

Luxvoni invests in its people. They want passionate and successful people in their jobs and lives. These people are subject matter experts on their piece of the project, and Luxvoni’s goal is to stay manageable so they can give their best to each client.  


Luxvoni has developed and applied highly successful sales funnels for hundreds of clients since 2015. This proven strategy has given them an impressive 92% success rate as they continue to drive massive sales and revenue increases for their clients every day. 

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