OpenBB Announces OpenBB Copilot, the First AI-Powered Financial Analyst Integrated into a Financial Terminal

March 01 21:02 2024

New York – Mar 1, 2024 – OpenBB, a startup at the forefront of financial technology and AI, is thrilled to introduce the OpenBB Copilot. This is an AI copilot that can be accessed right from the company’s investment terminal – OpenBB Terminal Pro – and, therefore, has access to all the real-time financial data it offers.

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After attending the AI Engineer Summit in October 2023 in SF, Didier (co-founder and CEO) learned about being able to create an agent that could perform function calling and was less prone to hallucinations. So, during that same week, Didier created a proof-of-concept of an agent that had access to the data that was accessible through the OpenBB Platform.

Two months later, Didier was presenting at Open Core Summit in SF, on how OpenBB was able to create an AI-powered financial analyst using that technology. Leveraging this and the technology behind the OpenBB Terminal Pro, OpenBB was able to create the OpenBB Copilot. This is a chat interface that acts as a financial analyst at users’ fingertips, within the OpenBB Terminal Pro, and has access to any financial dataset provided by OpenBB but also any data brought in by its users.

 “The Terminal Pro allows users to access both OpenBB’s financial datasets along with additional datasets that firms have. With the transformative influence of AI, the next logical move was to introduce an AI-powered financial copilot to interact with said data. This is the future. We are just one of the first companies in the world to act on it. And I couldn’t be more excited.” says Didier Lopes, CEO of OpenBB.

But what is the OpenBB Copilot?

It’s an AI-powered financial analyst that users can have at their fingertips at all times. It has generic financial knowledge – from understanding P/E ratios to pricing options. It includes a LaTeX and markdown rendered to display formulas, making complex financial concepts easy to comprehend. In addition, it has memory, enabling users to continue discussing their investment thesis. Clearing the chat starts a new conversation, ensuring a seamless experience.

How does this differ from other chat interfaces?

This chatting copilot has access to not only the financial data it was trained on but any data that is available in the OpenBB Terminal Pro. The OpenBB Copilot comes with function calling capability which enables it to select what widget from the dashboard to retrieve data from based on the user prompt. Making the responses more accurate and relevant. Plus, since users can bring their own data, they can effectively leverage copilot to analyze their data.

Additionally, users can upload additional internal reports or data files to the conversation, providing the copilot with more context for better answering capabilities. Currently supported formats are PDF and CSV.

Given that the Copilot can use data from any of the widgets available in Terminal Pro or respond based on data present within the attached files, it will add the citation within the output window. This offers transparency and allows users to understand the sources and references used.

What if firms want to keep their data secure with internal API calls through their network only?

The OpenBB Copilot comes with the possibility of enterprise users to “bring their own copilot”.

OpenBB Terminal Pro users can effectively bring their own fine-tuned financial copilot, leveraging their enterprise’s private data. This unique feature provides financial firms with a customized solution for investment research, combining their proprietary copilot with real-time data from OpenBB Terminal Pro (which can include their own).

OpenBB Copilot marks a significant step forward in creating a fully autonomous financial analyst that can already be used today. It creates a compelling use case for hedge funds and family offices to leverage LLMs into their workflow and gain a hedge. For more information, visit OpenBB’s website or contact [email protected].

About OpenBB:

OpenBB is at the forefront of bringing open source to the financial services industry. The company is committed to building products that serve the custom needs of financial firms and leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence for higher productivity.

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