Vanguard Voices Speak Up Summit ’24 Will Have Over 50 Global Leaders Share Expertise on Workplace Culture and Psychological Safety

June 10 08:40 2024
Vanguard Voices Speak Up Summit '24 Will Have Over 50 Global Leaders Share Expertise on Workplace Culture and Psychological Safety

Vanguard Voices, founded by Jessica Bensch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing psychological safety and workplace culture, will host their first event, The Speak Up Summit ’24. This groundbreaking 24+ hour, fully virtual event will occur on June 13-14, 2024. 

This summit will bring together thought leaders, academics, advocates, and employees worldwide to amplify awareness and drive positive change in workplaces. The summit will feature over 50 global leaders, including Kim Scott (Author of ‘Radical Candor’), Stephen Shedletzky (Author of ‘Speak Up Culture’ and Michele Zanini (Co-Author of ‘Humanocracy’). These experts will share their insights and expertise on fostering psychological safety and high-performance teams. With more than 24 hours of continuous programming, participants will gain practical strategies to address issues such as abuse of power, toxic personalities, and mental health, all aimed at creating healthier work environments.

Attendees will be able to engage in 1:1 coaching sessions with certified coaches, network with like-minded professionals, and join a global community of changemakers dedicated to positive workplace cultures. Participants will receive a resource guide featuring key actionable insights from each session, access to event recordings for future reference, and a free copy of a keynote speaker’s book (as supplies last). The summit’s virtual format makes it accessible to a global audience, allowing participants to connect and collaborate without geographical limitations.

The Speak Up Summit ’24 is more than just a discussion platform; it is a catalyst for real change. The event aims to build a global community where compassion, understanding, and psychological safety are the norms. The importance of fostering such an environment in workplaces cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts innovation, productivity, and overall employee well-being.

While the event costs to enter, Vanguard Voices has provided a special promotion to enter for free for a limited time. This initiative ensures that the event remains accessible to a wide audience, reflecting Vanguard Voices’ commitment to inclusivity and widespread impact.

Vanguard Voices is a nonprofit organization focused on elevating the voices of employees worldwide to advocate for psychological safety in the workplace. Through storytelling, policy support, and coaching, Vanguard Voices aims to shine a light on the unseen struggles of everyday work life and unlock the collective brilliance of organizations.

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